Sonic the Hedgehog

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(F/n) and her brother were gone. They'd hidden somewhere in the house and taken off as soon as the light began to return. (Y/n) was glad they'd gotten away, but now she was alone.

But, it was almost as if her encounters last night had awakened something within her. She could feel something, like a tug towards someplace. Someplace important. And there...

Would be answers.

She currently sat on the back patio with her hands tucked into her pockets, the collar of her coat pulled up to her nose so only her eyes were showing, though the hood shadowed them. Already, she missed (F/n) yelling at her to get inside. She hadn't even bothered to get the fire going again.

Here, in the frozen cities, at least, no one ever went outside anymore. There was nothing living outside and the wind couldn't stir up any leaves, so it was practically silent. It was horribly silent and the nothingness seemed to almost press into (Y/n).

"I have to go," she whispered, closing her eyes. She needed to find whatever was drawing her in, and she knew where to go. She could turn in the direction it was pulling her. However, it would probably mean traveling, which meant finding enough food and unfrozen water to last her until she arrived at her destination. And, beyond her backyard's fence, were monsters and ghosts roaming the city streets.

She sighed, her breath freezing in front of her. She opened her eyes and looked over to the fence. Even from here, she could hear faint, terrified screams that were abruptly cut off. The monsters didn't make much noise during the day, but they were there. Making it through the city alive would be hard enough, and if she even tried to go around, she wouldn't last an hour. The wind was already blowing enough - she would probably be swept off her feet without the shelter of the buildings.

"No choice," she grunted, standing up and slipping back inside. She lazily kicked the towel to the door, walking over to the fireplace and staring at the charred logs. Making a tired noise, she curled up without starting the fire and forced herself to fall asleep.


Come nighttime, she awakened and sat up, shivering slightly. She grabbed a couple of blankets and buried herself in them, staring at the windows, simply waiting for monsters to come through.

After about an hour of window-watching, she finally remembered the wound on her arm. She looked down and pulled her coat off, looking at the wound. The bleeding had stopped, though blood was dried all over her arm and on the inside of her coat. However, the wound didn't seem to look bad or worse. Maybe the cold had simply stopped it from healing or getting infected.

Unconcerned, (Y/n) simply put her coat back on and buried herself in the blankets. She could hear the monsters and the ghosts shrieking outside and she saw a few shadows pass by her window, but none stopped or attempted to come inside. Tears welled up in her eyes. She hoped (F/n) and her brother were okay, that they were somewhere safe.

But it was a faint hope. The world had become a cruel place to live in a few short hours and it was survival of the fittest.

"Find them...." Her ears perked and she turned her head, looking around.

"H-hello?" she whispered, pulling the blankets tighter around herself.

"You have to find them!" It sounded like a female, her voice distant.

"Who's there?" (Y/n) called, turning around.

"Find them!"

"Find who?" But the voice didn't respond. "Hello?" Her ears flattened and she shrank into her bundle. "Anyone?" She pulled the blanket over her head and flattened herself to the floor as a particularly loud snarl sounded outside her window. There was a bit of snorting and sniffing but the monster didn't make any more moves than that and moved on.

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