29 - Escape

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Track twenty nine: Escape

Album: Winter Soldier

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Diana
The tray was a little larger than I had originally thought. Trying to get it underneath the crack wasn't working and I could be running out of time.

Taking both ends of the pan I began to bend it until it was completely folded like a birthday card. Even though it would be too big to fit, it would still be strong enough.

Sliding it as far as I could against the crack I began to kick, and kick, and kick the sheet metal until a larger hole appeared allowing the much needed light into the room.

I quickly grabbed the sheet and jumped back to my feet as I could hear the shouting of my guards on the other side. When the door swung open I hid in the corner closest to the door, allowing me to see two men enter with loaded guns most likely containing sleeping darts. They don't want me dead so I don't see why they shoot me if anything lethal.

Raising my arms up I slammed the tray over one of the guards heads, sending him to the floor. When the other began to shoot at me, being the Rogers I am, I used the tray as a shield while grabbing the knockout man's gun and shooting the asalitant.

I took one of their bulletproof vests off and strapped it on before stealing a few of their sleeper-guns, and one real gun. Before I got back to my feet something small gained my attention, a walkie-talkie. That could be useful.

Grabbing it I quickly stepped outside of my cell and shut the door before using all my strength to make the small dent less noticeable.

"Don't run away."

That was one of my lessons from the Strike team I should've taken more seriously. Unlike before no one knows I've escaped yet. Meaning unless I draw attention to myself nobody will know right away.

A person running is way more destructive than a person simply walking. So if I keep calm I'll be able to get a little farther.

┏━━━ ━━━┓

ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Third Person
At the same time as the escape of Lady Liberty the unknowing leader who put her inside the prison was sauntering his way over towards the World Security Council.

"And how was your flight?"

Councilman Hawley gave a shrug as the five, plus Perice's personal security began to walk, "Lovely. The ride from the airport less so."

Pierce gave a small chuckle, "Sadly, Shield can't control everything."

"Including the Rogers duo," Councilman Rockwell stated, most likely making a dig into Pierce.

Pierce simply ignored the comment and brought the group to another agent, holding a briefcase open. Located inside was a set of four identical pins, "This facility is biometrically controlled, and these will give you unrestricted access."

As the four council members began to place them on themselves another agent quickly walked towards Pierce and interrupted his warm welcome, "Sir!"

The agent quickly and quietly whispered the situation as the head of Shield and Hydra tried not to react, "How did she even get out?" He asked the agent as calmly and quietly as possible.

The agent sighed, "She used a tray."

"A tray?"

They nodded.

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