get along

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my attempt to gain authority and respect had gone just as poorly as i had expected.

in fact, it hadn't worked at all. and to add to my annoyance, charlie walked with me on my way to my dorm, picking a fight.

"scarlett, what the hell was that?" he asked angrily.

i pressed my lips together, trying to keep my calm,"charlie, i'm just asking for a little respect-"

he laughed,"yeah, like you respected the fact that i'm captain?"

i rolled my eyes, exhausted from all the fighting we had been doing lately,"charlie, i'm tired of this, okay? i know it fucking sucks that coach gave me captain over you," i turned to look at him, hoping to get through,"but it also fucking sucks that, because of you, i'm getting shit on every second of the day."

he let out an exasperated sigh,"how is that my fault? you didn't have to betray me and take my spot."

i laughed, wondering how he didn't realize how insane he sounded,"are you kidding? you don't have a monopoly on the captain spot!"

"i have been the captain of this team for four years!" he yelled back, us coming to a stop on the sidewalk on the side of the road,"i'm the captain of the ducks-"

i scoffed,"i don't see any fucking ducks here, charlie! that's not us, anymore."

he shook his head in disbelief,"oh, and we're what? the warriors?"

i looked at him with wide eyes, wondering if he ever listened to himself talk. he was so stubborn and pig headed, he didn't even realize that he wasn't making any sense.

"that's our team's name!" i exclaimed, throwing my hands up,"we can't be ducks forever, charlie. at some point, you have to grow up."

he stared at me intensely, unable to believe that i had just said that.

but it was the truth, there will be a day where we have to move on with our lives. and maybe that day is today.

he rolled his eyes,"you sound just like coach."

i shrugged,"well, maybe he has a point."

when charlie was a about to respond, a car pulled up to us, and charlie's mom's voice barked,"both of you, in the car. now!"

i knit my eyebrows, confused on what was going on,"ms. conway-"

"get in." she spoke, her tone flinchingly rigid.

charlie and i shared a look, before getting into the car, not speaking a word to each other.

we walked into the diner, casey ready to snap our necks, as i asked,"what am i doing here?"

she walked behind the counter,"i did not watch you guys have a screaming match on the sidewalk, for you not to make up. sit down, and leave when you've resolved things."

charlie scoffed,"i don't negotiate with terrorists."

"you're so dramatic." i spat, taking a seat at the counter.

casey tied an apron around her waist,"that doesn't sound like making up to me."

i let a deep breath out of my nostrils, feeling the need to mix advil and alcohol.

"fine," charlie sat down, turning to me, "scarlett, i'm sorry that you're such a snake and you now have to deal with the repercussions of your actions."

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