Chapter one

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                ~Ammys POV~

*beep beep*

"Argh", I let out a groan as I turn to switch of the alarm.

I'm not a morning person,much less on a Monday.

Bringing myself to lay on my back, I stare up the ceiling and can't help but think of all thats happened in my life.

My parents to start with. My dad,well I practically hate his guts for leaving mom and me to start another life of his own without us.
I've never heard nor seen him after that.

And mom? I don't know where she is. After I graduated from college,she just disappeared. Last time I heard,she was seen dancing in a club right here in LA. I didn't bother to look for her. Why? She left without uttering a single word to me. Clearly she doesn't care about me,so why should I?

Life after college was a hell of a roller coaster ride. Since nobody cared to tell me that it would be "that" difficult to get a job, I had to put on my big girl pants so to make ends meet.

Two months, I spent looking for a job as an assistant or a secretary to no avail. So, I decided to hunt for any job just to you know, sustain myself.

To my luck, I managed to get a job at a Café. It was owned by a very old lady, Mrs Jenkins's. Sadly,she died due to a heart attack.She was such a sweetheart, I adored her so much. She always treated me like her very own daughter.

Before she died,she told me take over the business if anything were to happen to her. And I did just that.

Now I run the business with my best friend, Danielle Carter. Who is also my roommate. I have known Danielle for as long as I can remember. We've been friends since first grade, through college and up until now. I love her so much.

Oh and one more thing,it seems the old woman has left the business in debt. Ranging from years of outstanding tax payments to unpaid rent. So far, I've only managed to pay six months of rent which isn't even quarter of the total amount still in arrears.

I'm absolutely fucked.

Sighing, I get up from the very uncomfortable bed. The side which Danielle sleeps on is pretty cold which only means that she's left.

"I wonder where she went off so early", I say while making my way towards the bathroom. I take a quick shower. Getting out, I wrap a towel around my body. I turn to stare into the cheap mirror, mind you,it wasn't even glass.

My black hair, that is only shoulder  length long is a tangled looks like a cat had eaten my hair,puked it back out,then let it dry in the sun. It would look just the same. The tangle's would take hours to thoroughly brush out, but I don't have much time on my hands.

Grabbing a hair brush from the small bathroom cabinet I start to comb through my hair.

"Ouch!" ,I exclaim out. After I've managed to detangle my hair,well not entirely but it looks better.

Walking out, I go straight to the closest. Debating on what to wear, I settle on a blue jean, plain gibsy shirt and black ankle boots.

Grabbing my phone from the nightstand and handbag, I head to the kitchen.

Not really hungry, I take an apple from the fruit basket and keys from the kitchen island.

Going into the garage, I get into my yellow cooper that I've managed to buy with my savings. Starting the engine, I drive onto the driveway and into the busy streets of LA.

I hope today goes just fine.

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