Chapter 37: special date

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Chris's P.O.V.

Its been a month after that whole incident. At first both Sophia and Emily were bit scared. But now they are good. Sophia has started interning with a company. Emily too has been working at her company.

Our relationship has been nothing but the best. She understands me more than anyone could. She is so selfless, compassionate for everyone that it is impossible not to fall in love with her.

Thats why I have decided to make her mine forever. Yes I have planned everything. I am going to propose her this weekend. Both the families are going to be there. But ofcourse she wont know.

Oh jesus I am so waiting for this weekend. I hope everything goes as planned.

I am going to take her to the beach where we first went on our date.


Today was the day I am gonna propose Emily. Oh my god I am so excited and a bit nervous.

Today I was not going to pick Emily. I told my driver Jack to bring her to the beach, where a staff member will blindfold her. Then the magic will happen!


Emily's P.O.V.

Today Chris and I were going on beach date. But today his driver was coming to pick me up. It was a little wierd. But anyways I am always excited for our dates.

And this time Chris had gifted me a dress specially for the date. It was such a beautiful dress. It was maroon in colour, with slit on right thigh.

 It was maroon in colour, with slit on right thigh

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I got dressed, did my make up and hair. I was all set for the date.

Doorbell rang, I went to receive it.
It was Jack.

"Good evening Ms. Collins. I am here to pick you up."

"Yes Jack give me a sec."

"Sure mam. I will be waiting near the car."

After a minute we were now headed to the beach. As always, city was decorated with lights. Everyone heading home after a long day to meet their loved ones.

We reached the beach in 20 minutes.
When I got down, a female staff came towards me.

"Hi ma'am. I have been told to blindfold you. Will you please allow me?" She asked politely.


She blindfolded me and led me ahead. After few minutes...

"Ma'am I am leaving you here. Please dont open the blindfold. Sir will be here shortly."

"Okay. Thanks."
I was waiting for Chris. It's been now ten minutes. I was now restless. Where was he? Just then I heard footsteps approaching towards my direction.

"Emily, sweetheart!" It was Chris.

"Chris! Where have you been?"

"I'm sorry. But now you're gonna see the surprise. Come with me." He held my hand and led me ahead.

"Chris where are you taking me?"

"Em have you heard a word patience?"

"Alright Mr. Knight!"

After few minutes, Chris removed my blindfold. I opened my eyes slowly, adjusting to lights. Oh my freaking goodness......

"Chris!!" I looked at him clearly surprised

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"Chris!!" I looked at him clearly surprised.

"Did you like it?" He asked. Stupid boy.

"Is that even a question? I freaking loved it." I hugged him tightly. He too wrapped his hands around me tightly.


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