The Flight Home

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Alexis's POV

"So you're the soulmate of three world-famous idols?" He casually sips his cup of tea.

I nod my head, tired after telling him my story. He stares at the cup like it's the most interesting thing.

"And you ran away from them, why?" Do-Song glances at me.

I deadpan. "I already told you why."

"That's stupid. Give me another reason."

I get annoyed, "Well you're the one who told me that I wasn't special to them! I thought you'd at least understand."

He gasps and puts his hand over his heart dramatically. "Excuse you, but my advice only worked in the moment. You basically ruined it when you went and soulmate bonded with them." He waves his hands in the air.

"It's not like I could control it!"

"Exactly! It wasn't under your control, it was D-E-S-T-I-N-Y." He makes an invisible rainbow. "You were meant to be with them, as you are. So go collect your men."

I rub between my eyes. He is impossible sometimes. "What would you do if you were in my situation?"

He rolls his eyes, "Get my men, duh."

"Okay, so you go to the company, right?" I ask. He nods in agreement. "After you arrive at the company, if you can get the guards to believe you, you see them. But then they see that you aren't Korean, attractive, nor talented."

"But you are pretty. And you speak Korean."

"Also, they have millions of fans dying to be with them."

"So what? They're mine bitch, get over it." He really gets into his role. I imagine what would happen if I actually did that. That's like asking for death.

 I ignore him and continue, "If they found out, they will lose interest in BTS. The whole group would suffer because three members are my soulmates. So not only would all the fans hate me, but the rest of the members would too." That fact hurts me more than anything else. I'm fine with never knowing any of them, but imagining them hating me hurts, so much that I don't think it's normal.

"They better risk their fame for me, I'm fabulous." Do-Song distracts me from the pain in my heart. He manages to make me smile with his playfulness, despite his response. I can't believe that he was so serious when we first started this conversation. He became like this after I told him the basics.

"You know what? Nevermind." I give up.

"Alexis, you're putting too much thought into this." He chuckles.

"Too much thought or not, my flight back leaves in... four hours." I check my phone.

Do-Song slams his hands down. "Four hours! What, did they set the FBI on you?" He yells loudly, drawing attention.

I quickly sush him. "Hush! What if someone hears?"

He ignores me and complains, "You haven't even met Sua yet, we were supposed to meet later today."

Looking around, making sure everyone minds their own business, I ask, "Who's Sua?"

"My co-stalker." He answers. So there were multiple people Eli sent.

I look back at him. His eyebrows are furrowed, a sad expression on his face. He looks genuinely disappointed that I'm leaving. Completely aware that I may never come back. He said it as a joke, but I know he's trying to hide his feelings.

I hold out my hand, "I'm sorry, Song. I really am. If you ever come to Florida, call me. I'll show you around." I smile, trying to reassure him. I might have only known him for a few days, but we've had a lot of fun.

"You can invite Sua, too." I say. He grabs my hand and holds it, letting me comfort him. He stares at them silently in thought.

"Did you tell Elijah about this." Song asks.

I shake my head roughly. "No. I have to tell him in person, otherwise he would travel across the world to the  Bighit building and threaten the whole company."

Song nods his head. He very well knows how far Eli would go when it comes to me.

I really love my brother, but he can be too much sometimes. He's been with me through everything in my life, though. Every panic attack I've ever had, he was there, even when they got bad. Every time I cried, he always turned on the TV and binge-watched Disney princess movies with me. And I'll never forget that time.

It won't last forever. He gives me space when I need it, and he's been a lot better since then, but it'll take time.

"I'll tell mom later though. She knows not to tell the boys." I comment. Mom goes through the same thing I do, except not as overbearing.

Song stands up, pulling me up with him. "Well, it sucks, but you've decided right?" He says. I nod. "You won't change your mind either, you're too damn stubborn."

I scoff at his words. He keeps his hold on my hand, and grabs the suitcase with the other. "You pay." He gestures to the counter.

"Why me?"

"One, because you're ditching me. Two, because my hands are full," he lifts up both my arm and the suitcase to make a point, "and three, because you never got me a muffin." He finishes with a huff.

I do as he says, only because I feel bad, and his pouting his cute. We walk out of the cafe and take a taxi to the airport. Song tells me about Sua, and how excited he was to meet me, despite the circumstance.

We don't talk about the bonding, partly because of the driver overhearing. I don't want to talk about it anymore than I have to, and he lets it go.


"Remember to call and text me when you get back. If you don't, I'll blow up you're phone." Do-Song coddles me just as the gate opens. He's been sharing his worries since then. I should've already gone on the plane, but I let him get everything out.

"Even though we won't see each other for a while, I'll check up on you. Don't go soulmate bonding with anymore celebrities, okay?" He says. I laugh at his advice, and pull him into a tight hug. He rubs my back, as we stay like that for a while longer.

The last call for boarding sounds when I let go. With a tight throat and wet eyes, I choke out a goodbye. His smile looks troubled, but he waves nonetheless.

I get into my seat, and send my mom a quick text before putting my phone on airplane mode.

I lean my head back, and let a tear slip from my eye and down my cheek.   This is it. I'm leaving my soulmates and the best friend I've ever had and only known for four days. I'm abandoning the ones I'm supposed to be with in order to make them happy.

I'm probably never coming back.

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