"Hes weird"

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  Eran's POV                            
                             *text message from Rose*
My eyes widened and my heart felt as if,it was about to get through my rib cage. Why does she have such an effect on me always?! Don't wanna lie,but she already has me around her fingers.

Wait what

It's just a girl,shut up.

Rose: "You may call me Rose"

Oh my God! Someone look at her attitude! She should consider herself lucky that I even considered sending her a 'hi',okay??!
Okay fine, a 'hi babes'. Same shit. Just leave it! I didn't sign up for this. I can get a lot of girls,it's just a matter of few seconds for me.

                              *incoming call from Mary*

Oh come on God! You can't be serious right now! I have said,I can get a lot of girls,I didn't say BI*CHES!!!!! Anyways,I don't care anymore. Nor about that Rose. She has got so much attitude,oh my God.
I closed the Instagram app,and went for Messenger to call Ricky,to know if he was free this evening.

Her smile..


Fine.. you win Ms. Rose

Rose: "You can call me Rose"
Eran: "I actually thought you would find it funny"
Rose: "Oh,I didn't know you were such a lame wag"

Omggggg!!! How dare she call me lame?! Me?!

Eran: "oh,that was nowhere close to lame"
Rose: "then you don't know the meaning of 'lame',mister"


Eran: "okay then. It was nice talking to you"
Rose: "same here"

And my love story ended before even starting. I would have tried my luck with her,but I cannot stand the attitude thrown by a girl,who hardly knows me. Lemme just get back to what I was planning to do. For some reason,this made me so upset. No doubt I cannot stand attitude but I wasn't looking forward to lose her.


Rose's POV
And I thought,this might work out. I seriously don't deserve relationships you know. But that wasn't totally my fault either. I mean,he cannot just come up to me saying a 'hi babes' and expect me to be perfectly fine with it. Maybe it could be very hot or very interesting to other girls,but it was a very disrespectful move for me.

But I won't give up. I won't tell Jessica anything about it,and will just go with the flow.
I have always had this habit,of expressing my deep feelings through writing small notes or phrases and posting them as an Instagram story,so I thought of doing the same with this situation as well.

"So,how was it?" asked Veronica. "Not good at all,we are probably done with each other,before even initiating" I replied,as I slightly felt my eyes to water. "Hey it's okay,just leave it but what happened?" asked Veronica taking my phone. She read the conversation with a quite smiling face and this kind of surprised me. "What's so funny?" I asked looking directly towards her. "This boy has guts" she replied keeping my phone down. I sighed and uploaded a small note on Instagram,hoping for him to get my small message.

Next day
"Hi! How are you doing?" asked Daisy,sitting in front of me,allowing Richard to sit beside me. I nodded sending a 'yes' to her way. She raised her eyebrows quizzically and looked towards Richard. "What happened" asked Richard. "I actually forgot to do my homework,it's scaring me a bit" I replied,flipping through the pages of my textbook. Daisy rolled her eyes at my answer and began to concentrate on her own work,assigned by our English teacher.

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