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I don't wait around to celebrate with Stefan and Elena. They don't question me being alive, but soon they will realize their plan to kill Klaus had failed... The plan I was supposed to stop.

I take the long way back to the mansion. If it hadn't of been for Adalynn stuck there waiting for me, then I would have just taken off and left Mystic Falls behind, but I can't do that to her or to Klaus. Not again, anyway.

Klaus is sitting on the front porch steps waiting for me when I pull in. He's visibly tense, even after he lays eyes on my Cadillac chugging up towards him. Before I even exit the car, he is by my side.

"What's going on?" I ask him, hopefully feigning my innocence.

"You've been gone quite a while," he rushes. "Is everything alright?"

"Of course, Niklaus," I politely smile. "I stopped for a drink. I think I needed a second to cool off."

My heart beats rhythmically as it does when my magic protects me from a lie. Klaus knows this, but he still seems quite relieved by my words either way.

Klaus follows me into the house at a distance now. My heart aches for him to come closer, but it wouldn't be wise for us to start anything now what with his brother being murdered at my hand—he will never forgive me.

A spark of anger sits at the back of my throat at the sight of Damon in the ballroom. He is still strung up like an animal, but at least Rebekah isn't still messing with him.

"That mess will be cleaned up soon," Klaus assures me.

I shook him a look, "That mess is my friend."

"She'll let him live, I'm sure."

"What a relief." The sarcasm drips from my words as I scan the room for Adalynn, but she is nowhere to be found.

"She's cleaning up her spell," Klaus hums.

I nod absentmindedly and make my way into the ballroom now that I know my daughter is safe. It's strange to worry about her again like this, but I appreciate the distraction all the same.

I hear Rebekah whispering to Klaus a few feet behind me, but I don't bother listening in. My focus instead is on my passed-out friend before me. With a touch, I send a peaceful rhythm through his brain to wake him.

"Clara?" he groans, his expression quickly changing to disappointment, "You left me."

"In pretty good hands," I joke. "Don't worry, buddy. I've got you."

Closing my eyes, I listen to the bear traps and chains break and snap off of him and the dramatic thump of his body hitting the floor. It feels slightly weird using my normal magic now that I don't have the extra Mikaelson power, but I definitely prefer us all separated.

"Ow," he grunts.

Through this whole process, Rebekah was screaming curses at me to stop letting her hostage go, but Klaus held her back from getting any closer. I'm not very happy with him for leaving Damon to dangle like he was, but at least he is helping him now.

"Let go of me, Nik!" Rebekah exclaims, pushing against her brother until he finally lets her go.

I hold up a hand to stop her from throwing any harsher words, "Save it for someone who cares, 'Bekah. I'm taking Damon home right now no matter what you say."

Klaus chuckles from behind us, but doesn't butt in. The front door squeaks open suddenly and he's by my side in a second, even though I do not fear our unwelcome guest.

"Stefan Salvatore," I greet him without any extra regard. "Little late on the rescue mission, don't you think?"

"I'm here to make a deal for my brother," he announces, "If I'm not already too late."

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