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Ace's POV:
I approached the house my father was staying at; Well not willingly staying at anyways.

We had barricaded him in the house and took out all of his personal guards. We turned off the water supply and raided his house for food. We would turn the water on once every two days, just to keep him alive and we would send him in food.

"We're here Boss" my chauffeur informed me after opening the car door. "Thank you Markus" I spoke, shaking his hand. "You don't use my skills that often boss, it was my honour" he responded with an optimistic tone. I gave him nod before I began to walk off. "Be careful boss" Markus warned me, giving me a smile. "Of course" I mumbled as I walked up the long driveway to see my guards standing at the door.

I took off my suit jacket and unbuttoned the sleeves of my shirt.

I had changed my original idea from getting my guards to strap him to the chair to fighting him alone in the house and then killing him.

I need to release the built up anger I have slowly let grow over the past few months. I have been holding back my emotions for Sofia but she won't be here to witness me at my worst.

I never liked my father. Never. He made my childhood a nightmare every single day. I remember when I had just turned 13 and I was crying because I was getting bullied in the private school I was attending. I had never went to school before this and refused to go after a week of being there. I cried to my mom about how they were being mean to me and suddenly my father barged in. He told me to get up and follow him. He took me into a room full of boys who were sons of multiple Mafia men and locked me in the room with them.

They kicked and punched me until I was on the floor, on the brink of death. I can barely remember lying on the floor but I can remember desperately trying to fight back. I also remember my mom picking me up in her arms and carrying me out to the ambulance. We would always have to use fake names when we went to the real hospital.

My father said he locked me in the room with them to teach me strength and how to fight back. Instead it left me with severe trauma until I was 16 and I never complained about anything since. I've had to learn lessons the hard way in life due to my father and each lesson was tougher than the last.

"He's inside lying on the kitchen floor boss" my guard informed me before I placed my hand on the door knob and twisted it open. The door slowly creaked as I entered the house. It was so silent in the house that you could hear a pin drop and the furniture had dust on it from not being used in so long.

I walked into the kitchen to see my father lying on the kitchen floor; as the guard had said. He looked skinner than usual due to the fact that we had starved him for a few days before giving him food. It was cruel but it's what he deserved.

My father glanced up at me from the floor and just sighed. "My own son" he attempted to shake his head but he was too weak. Well there goes the fight I had planned; although I should've known he would've been too weak.

"My own son has turned against me and is now going to kill me" I could tell he was putting on an act because of his sarcastic tone. "If you're going to put on an act, at least do a good job" I scoffed, grabbing a chair from the kitchen and placing it in the centre of the living room.

The two rooms were connected without a wall so it was basically a big open space; just what I needed.

I walked over to my father and grabbed him by his shirt, viscously dragging him over to the chair and forcing him to sit on it. I searched through the presses in the kitchen and found a knife. A little blunt for my liking but it will do.

I heard a knock on the door and a guard popped his head in. "Boss I don't mean to alert you but an unknown truck has pulled up with what we're assuming is men inside" the guard spoke urging me to come help. It's ridiculous that I'm the one who has to be protected even though I'm the best fighter.

"Don't you fucking move" I snapped at my father and stabbing the knife through his hand and into the wooden chair. My father let out a scream in pain as I took my suit jacket off; but then his scream turned into a laugh. "You'll never be able to kill me Ace, I'll always have people working for me" he grinned. I turned to the guard. "Put him in the fucking bedroom and lock the door" I snarled viciously. "You're not going to win Ace, not this time. They've trained longer and harder than you" my father grumbled from the chair.

I let out a chuckle. "I don't think you realise that I never loose" I smirked before walking out. I looked down the long driveway to see the truck and my guards surrounding it.

Suddenly the back of the truck began to lift. I continued to walk towards it and there was only one man in the truck. My guards stared at each other confusedly. I was half way down the driveway when the person threw something out of the truck and shut the back of it.

Within seconds a massive explosion had happened and I was on the ground with massive cuts and scrapes, burns and bruises. All I remember was being thrown back from the force of the explosion. I glanced down the driveway at my guards who were all more than likely dead. I grunted as I looked at the massive gash in my chest. I was missing a shoe and was currently wishing I had kept that jacket on. I could feel a cut under my eye and another on my opposite cheek.

I tried to move but a sharp pain shot through my body; more than likely from the wound in my chest but I refused to let my father live another day. I pushed through the pain, barely able to stand and walked up the driveway. I had been pushed back almost to the top of the driveway. There was damage to the house and the windows had been shattered. I think he put glass in the bomb. My father must've planned this and had a button somewhere that he pushed to alert them.

I struggled to reach the door without fainting but I did it. I wasn't sure if I even had the strength to run the knife along his throat. I gripped onto to anything that could hold me up. I grunted as I reached kitchen table. I grabbed the bottle of alcohol that was on the table and drank as much as I could. My guard walked out of the bedroom and his eyes were instantly glued to my gashes and burns. His eyes widened as he ran over to me. "Are you ok boss?" he asked frantically. Well the answer to that would be very clear given my current state. "Give me the knife" I hissed between my clenched teeth.

The end is near.

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