32 - Binder

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Track Thirty Two: Binder

Album: Age of Ultron

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ᴺᴼᵂ ᴾᴸᴬᴵᴺᴳ : Third Person

Tony Stark didn't know where he was.

It was supposed to be a simple recon mission.

Over the last year the entirety of the Avengers, minus Diana, have been hunting for the location of Loki's scepter. They received many different leads before but this one is the first to actually end in results.

It had felt like nothing but a wild goose chase for the longest time finding nothing but the weakest members of the infiltrated Hydra agents.

The Billionaire didn't care for any of that though. He only had three targets on his list and all three had seemed to be impossible to find, and all three had one thing in common.

1. Scepter
2. Rumlow
3. Bucky Barnes

All three on his list were the most dangerous things in the world at that point. All three on the list could do more than enough damage.

Alexander Pierce was no help to any of them during their multiple raids claiming that if they were so smart, they could figure it out on their own. It took all of Tony's strength not to kill him right then and there but he knew there was a reason they were keeping that bastard alive.

The power of the scepter alone could cause mass destruction on another scale. If Hydra still had control over it, they could figure out how Diana received her abilities and pass it onto others.

Creating an even larger target onto the young girl's back.

But that only made the last Stark work harder to find it. He wouldn't tell anyone, but the thought of what Diana could do, terrified him even more than the actual scepter.

He wanted to be able to study the device thoroughly. Figure out a way to help his niece control her abilities before Thor took it to his home world.

Maybe if he found a way to help her Steve would finally allow Diana to go to school like she had wanted for so long.

And just as Tony could feel a sense of relief when he found the lone device in a closed off room a simple blink would send him spiralling.

He stepped forward making his surroundings drastically change. The ground was cold, coares, black.

If it wasn't for the chitauri that flew over him he never would've noticed the bloody scene was set before him.

The group he started to see as family all laid over the stones. Some had open wounds covered in dried blood, others had enough spear's plunged within their skin you could've confused them with a pin cushion.

His body reacted quickly and bolted towards his fallen comrades, counting five, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner and Thor Odinson.

He ran to Steve and began checking for any sign of a pulse, shaking him, trying anything to wake his brother up.

Steve let out a gasp and Tony jolted when the older man clutched his wrist giving him a vicious glare.

Even as his bodily fluids were draining Steve Rogers still had the energy to blame the billionaire, "You could've saved us," he sneered before the light vanished from his eyes.

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