Chapter 37: Sabotaged

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Phoenix stood at the door, his eyes darting between Sebastian and Gemma.

A swirl of emotions clouded his thoughts and he could hardly process what he'd heard. The blood was rushing in his ears and his eyes were shifting between black and gold.

"Oh, Goddess, Thad," Gemma stood up, her eyes tearing up. "I-I'm so sorry."

"How long?" His voice was hollow, and his chest ached.

Gemma shook her head, "I'm so sorry, Thad-"

"HOW LONG HAVE YOU KNOWN?!" He cut her off, his roar shaking the windows.

Gemma flinched, the tears dripping down her cheeks, "A-A few months. I swear I was going to tell you. I-I didn't know how and- Thad, please don't go! Wait!"

He ignored her pleas as he turned his back on her, taking off. His feet pounded the ground as he ran in a desperate attempt to relax. His heart was hammering, and he felt cold all over and he wanted to kill.

"Thaddeus, I'm sorry!" Gemma called from far away.

She was running after him, but he was already miles ahead of her and, right now, he wanted nothing to do with her. He didn't dare stop out of fear of what he would do if he did.

He ran for what felt like hours and he found himself at the river.

"Fuck," he came to a stop, his hands on his knees. "FUCK!"

Phoenix paced the area, his eyes burning as he fought the emotion.

Lena. I need Lena, he thought, running his hands down his face.


Phoenix? Are you okay?

I need you.

I'm coming.

Leanna stood up from the couch, rushing to the door and throwing it open. She stopped abruptly, nearly crashing into Gemma.

The girl looked at her, her cheeks smeared with makeup and tears, "Where is he?"

"I going to him right now," she answered, confused.

"I need to find him. Please take me. I need to apologize," she hiccupped, her eyes desperate.

"Gem," Sebastian called, approaching them.

"What is going on?" Leanna asked, worried. "I need to get to Phoenix."

"Go," Sebastian told her. "I've got her."

He grabbed Gemma's arm, pulling her out of the way as she protested.

"No! Lena, please, tell him I'm sorry!" She begged.

Leanna nodded, giving them once last glance. Sebastian pulled her into his arms as she whimpered, clinging to him. Turning away, she took off towards the forest. It took her about ten minutes to reach him once she caught his scent and she did, she froze.

Phoenix was sitting with his back to her, his body racked with painful sobs that broke her heart. Tears immediately filled her eyes at the sight, and she ran to him, dropping to her knees. She enveloped him in her arms, and he buried his head in her neck, his tears soaking her shirt.

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