Chapter 13 - You are only mine!!

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"That day, I didn't just leave a temporary hickey on her neck but also a permanent one on her soul." ~ Today Quote

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⚠️Hi! This Chapter is biggest till now and one with the most Pics

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⚠️Hi! This Chapter is biggest till now and one with the most Pics.


Hritika's POV

“are you kidding me?! I am perfectly fine and alive!!” I grumbled as I registered her first sentence and she pulls me in a bone crushing hug.

"But anything could have happened to you in that lift if Siddharth didn't come on time and what would happen to me without you? Also, you weren't picking up my calls!!" She complained in her quivering voice as if she would cry any second and I feel guilty for making her worry while she tightens her hug causing me unable to breathe.

"U-ugh... Can't breathe!!" I gasp as she loosens her grip

"Huh? Oh Sorry!" She said completely letting me go.

"By the way How did you know all this?" I asked ignoring burning sensation at the side of my head.

"Oh I was worried so Mr Chaudhry told me today in the office and also someone cut the wire intentionally to harm you then I came here in a haste!!" She gritted her teeth in second sentence but who will try to harm me because nobody knows me here.

"Rishi..." A deep husky voice said while we turned to see Siddharth looks a little pissed or Maybe angry. We were so engrossed that we had forgotten that Sid is also here and Vihaan had already left.

Suddenly He got a call on his office phone, After hanging up he turned towards us.

"I have an important meeting and you need rest for minimum 2 days so you go home with Kriti!" He told me but I am feeling completely fine. He started dragging me out of office without hearing me so I shut myself up, with Kriti following closely.

After coming outside office building near Kriti car, he opens the passenger door for me like a gentleman as I sat. My Ace of Race (car) has already been delivered home by his minions.

"And don't you dare leave the bed for at least till tomorrow!!" He strictly told me with his devil expression as if daring me to disobey, After looking at Kriti remarkably he shut the car door from outside, as if Kriti will also follow his orders.

Control freak.

My watch shows 2:17 PM because he wastes 3 hours in argument for coming office, Unlocking my phone I found.

27 missed calls.

38 messages.

All 21 calls, 35 messages from Kriti and only a few from my parents and brother as she already give them some excuse.

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