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"WHEN I DIE, IT'S your fault, Seb."

"Whoa, don't kill the messenger," Sebastian said, raising his hands in a pacifying movement," all I did was reply."

Ella rolled her eyes, before frowning at her phone.

"Never mind that, how are they actually going to get here? Walk?"

"Will's father is this really chill dude," Sebastian said as he took a sip of his drink," he'll probably pick them up."

"Speaking about Will," Ella said," apparently he got in a fight with a bird for his phone and what's worse, he lost."

Sebastian almost spit out his coffee, choking as he bent over. "Will did what?"

"The poor boy," Faiza said, voice filled with concern," I hope he's alright."

Ella's mind wandered off to Sam then, a smile playing on her lips as she remembered how scared he used to be of birds. As soon as she noticed it she shook her head though, a sense of betrayal towards herself seeping through her at the thought of him. Their breakup hadn't gone well, so thinking about him was the last thing she wanted now.

"Let's do rock paper scissors about who's going to tell our mother," Sebastian said, already placing his hand in front of him.

"Hell no," Ella said," I already got a sermon today, it's your turn."

"She seemed to like them," Sebastian said," I mean, she only gave them her death glare once. It can't become better than that."

"I'm not eager to find out if that will spare me from her wrath," Ella said.

"I can do it," Faiza offered," your mother is a sweetheart, I doubt she'll be that angry."

"To you," Ella emphasized.

"I can't let you take the fall, Faiza," Sebastian said as he dramatically stood up and shook his head," I will do it."

"Okay, good luck," Ella said," I'll be thinking of you."

Sebastian muttered profanities under his breath then, but when Faiza gave him a supportive pat on his shoulder that all made way for a bright smile. Ella glanced over at Faiza's father then, who was intensely watching the news about a war in the Middle East. She would just stay and chat with Faiza here until the boys arrived. Even though she had complained about it before, she still was glad they were coming, if only because she now had a chance to spend a day with them without the pretense she had had to keep up before. It hadn't mattered much if they had waited though, St Joseph gave a week off after it's annual camp, but after that the year would start and she would enroll. She was still sad to miss her MMA championships, but perhaps she could train more in a school for delinquents.

Her phone went off then and she glanced down at it, surprised to see the message this time wasn't from Alex but from Levi.


She frowned, before hurriedly getting out of her chair and running to the windows. Her hands were pressed against the glass, but she couldn't find any of them in her street. All she saw was the rose bushes in Faiza's frontyard, the street empty save for a guy walking his dog. Just when she was planning to stick her head out of the window she saw something flash on her right and when she turned her head she saw Alex throwing himself over her picket fence.

Will looked genuinely worried, checking if the fence was alright as Alex just leisurely stretched himself out in her frontyard, a wide smile on his face. Levi was standing beside them, unimpressed, before walking towards the gate a mere five steps away and opening it. The look the three of them shared when Levi walked in her frontyard was one without emotion for a moment, before the three of them started talking all at once.

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