Family Reunion

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Important author's note below

Alexis's POV

"You idiot! You tell me you're the soulmate of world-famous celebrities through a text!" Mom yells at me.

I had just got home from a long flight, and I get treated like this. My first step in the door, my mom comes at me with a slipper.

I swear, everyone is more mad at me than I am at myself for doing this. "I just thought that you would want to know why I'm coming home so you won't get scared." I try to explain to to her, but she barely lets me finish before she yells again.

"Get scared? Who cares about being scared, I thought someone stole your phone and prank called me." She points to the couch, and I immediately sit down, scared of getting hit by the slipper. At least it wasn't a high heel. Those things can impale you if you don't dodge them.

"Then I try to call multiple times, but get no answer for seventeen hours? I thought, 'If this child lost her phone in a different country, please help her.'" I keep my eyes on the slipper as she vents. "Then I realize that you ran away from your soulmates. How could you do that to yourself, to them? Do you know what Elijah would be doing right now if he hadn't found Taylor?"

I go silent before small sniffles come out. "Mom..." I croak, holding my tears in. I told her the whole story when I got off the plane, but it just made her mad. Now that I'm here in front of her, she softens.

She sits down next to me and puts my head in her shoulder. When I let my heart out, she listens. "It's not easy. It was so hard to leave. You know how much I care about them, how much I would talk about them, before I even found out I'm their soulmate. Three of them, mom." I sob into her shoulder.

"You don't know how much it hurts to run away from those boys. I am never going to be able to fall in love with my soulmate like normal. Do you know what it's like to never be what someone deserves."

She pats my head. "Baby, you are beautiful, smart, and amazing. You can't sing for shit," she jokes, "but you definitely deserve them and they deserve you. There is no way that they would reject you."

I stare down at the couch. "You really think so?"

She nods, "I'm not telling you to go back, but I want you to think about it some more. I'll be there for you no matter what." She gives me the best advice so far.

Woon-Hyuk gave good advice, but I didn't consider it much since I don't know him well. Do-Song simply told me to 'collect my men' so I didn't pay attention. But if there's anyone I would listen to, it would be my mom. She may not have been born in the soulmate era, but she knows me the best. I know she just wants me to be happy.

"And if they do reject you, I'll set the men on them. I think Eddie's starting to take after Elijah." She states as an afterthought. I finally notice that no one else came to "greet" me after I came home. I lift my head from her shoulder and look around the empty room.

"Where is Eddie?" I ask.

"Eddie's out with Eli and Taylor. I told them to take him to the playground." She explains. She wanted to talk to me personally before Eli could, knowing his protective nature.

The door opens, revealing said person. Elijah comes in and sees me. He holds a half-eaten ice cream in one hand. His mouth falls open when we make eye contact and his eyes widen, "Alexis?"

At the sound of my name, Eddie's little head peaks around the door in wonder. When he sees me, he runs straight at me with melted ice cream in a cup ready to be poured all over me. Luckily, Taylor grabs it out of his hand before he starts towards me.

Eddie jumps at me. "Lexi!" he calls out. It's his special name for me, he didn't like 'Ali' or 'Sissy,' so he calls me that instead.

I catch him easily and pull him into my chest, wrapping my arms around him completely. "Eddie love! I missed you, so much." I kiss the top of his head.

"Me too, Lexi." He nuzzles his face on my shoulder. I smile at him lovingly before looking up to the other one.

He sees my red teary eyes and instantly goes into crazy mode. A frown sets itself on his face, and his eyebrows scrunch, "Who do I need to beat up?"

I roll my eyes, "No one, calm down." Eddie looks between me and Elijah in confusion.

"Well obviously, I do. So tell me, who hurt my baby sister?"

Eddie and I look at Taylor. Him for an explanation, and me for help. I'm sure he's had his fair share of Elijah's protective streaks.

Taylor sighs before setting the ice cream cup on the end table by the door. He grabs Elijah's hand and rubs circles on it with his thumb. "Babe, let her explain, she just got home. Okay?"

Taylor's touch works wonders, as Elijah calms down and nods his head. I watch them in slight envy. The touch I've always wanted. The love and bond like no other. I've waited years to be able to do that with my soulmate, but now that dream is down the drain.

I feel mom staring me with a knowing look. When we meet eyes she motions her head, like saying 'See, I told you.'

I shake my head and look down at Eddie. "Bubba's just worried about me."

"Why did you hurt yourself?" Eddie pulls back and looks around my body for injuries. His little face is pouting in worry.

"No, he's just a worry-wart."

"But he looks mad." He glances at Eli.

Mom claps her hands, "Eddie, why don't we let Lexi and Bubba talk. He probably misses her too. We can go get some fruit." Eddie nods. "I think there's some melon I forgot to cut up. Taylor, would you mind helping me?"

"Not at all." He offers. He grabs Eddie's hand, and they go off to the kitchen.

Mom whispers in his ear, "I'll fill you in later." Taylor smiles as they disappear around the corner.

It's just me and Eli now. I pat the seat next to me. "Come on, have a seat. I have some questions of my own to ask." I threaten. I still haven't forgot about the "friends" he sent.

His face goes from anger to fear as he hesitates. I finally manage to turn the tables.

And lucky for me, mom left the slipper.


I want to clear one thing up for everybody because even I am frustrated with Alexis at this point.

I know that it seems like Alexis is weak and a crybaby, but that is not my intention. This is one of the most difficult things she has ever gone through, and she is conflicted over whether to find happiness or sacrifice herself for the boys she loves. She truly believes she is not good enough for them. So even though she has some sad moments, her personality is not usually like this. She'll become her true self once she lets herself be happy with them. Trust me, I want to slap Alexis every time she doubts herself, but I don't think the story will be good if she automatically becomes all romantic and starts living with them immediately. To make it more realistic, and create a better story, I want to add progression (even though the story itself is not realistic).

Anyway, on a better note,

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