Chapter Twelve

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The sun shone through the slit in the curtains in his room and it was the brightness that woke him. He stole a glance at the clock on his bedside table noting that it was very nearly six o'clock. It was often that he woke before his alarm and prided himself on his internal clock that never made him late and also unfortunately never allowed him to sleep in past seven am. He swung his legs out of bed, stretched and then made his way into the bathroom for his morning shower. On his way he passed his brother who took one quick look in his direction and as quickly as he did he turned away. Jamie was annoyed with him and rightfully so but Brett had tried to make amends with Leigh, wasn't that enough? Jamie's words rang in his ears, 'And if she don't come back tomorrow I hold you responsible for the failure of the farm'.

He looked at himself in the same mirror that he stood before five years ago fixing his bow tie and styling his hair ready for his future to begin with the love of his life. It was a different man standing before him now. He was five years older and had a full beard but it was more than just a change in appearance. There was something behind his eyes, it was pain. There was still a pain that he felt deep inside from being left at the alter by a woman he cared so much about. It was a pain that he never thought would subside.

He took the death of his father hard but it was something that he knew was coming. Dale Danvers was terminally ill and the whole family had come to terms with the fact that one day he would be there and the next he might not be. Brett had a good, loving twenty-five years with his father but he took it hard when they found out Dale had cancer. Twenty-five years wasn't enough and it took him a long time to come to terms with his father's departure from his life. During the first year of Dale's diagnosis Brett threw himself into racing more than he ever had before wanting only to make his father proud. His time around the lap increased and so did his top speed. He didn't much care for his own safety and that was what made him a contender for professional racing. It was this mentality that attracted Alexis Morgan to him and in turn attracted Morgan Racing to his potential.

He didn't know who Alexis was when they first met, he saw her standing in the pits wearing a striking red dress making her look completely out of place but the seduction behind her eyes and the way she bit her lip when she was listening to him speak made him go crazy. She told him that he was the only reason she attended the race and asked if he wanted to go for a drink. He was taken back by her confidence but felt grateful that she made the first move because he wouldn't have had the guts to approach someone as breathtaking as her. After the race they didn't speak for a week even though they both had each other's number and despite Brett trying to play it cool he felt as though she was just messing with his mind. Alexis was all he could think about and he couldn't seem to make sense of why that was. She had taken over his every thought and he knew that he would have to accept the fact that she wouldn't text him after the first week. On the eighth day his phone buzzed, the text read;

Are you trying to play it cool?

You're lucky I like you because if this was anyone else I would've blocked their number after the first day.

-Alexis X

He replied immediately and that was how their relationship started. It was a fast paced one and a lot happened within the three years they were together. He believed they were made for each other and he couldn't imagine his life without her. She brought him so much happiness in such a dark time and when Brett proposed on a whim she burst into tears telling him she never thought anyone would love her as much as he did. They were engaged within only a year of knowing each other and as a welcome to the family gift Max Morgan- Alexis' father- offered Brett a place to race for his professional team. He was ensured that he was chosen because he had talent and not only because he was marrying into the family but there was always a doubt in the back of Brett's mind as to the true reason.

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