Chapter 16

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Sana knew that Tzuyu would be a great assistant but it is against medical laws. So the doctor made up her mind to turn down the young one's offer.

Tzuyu stepped closer to Sana. "I promise I'll behave, I will not complain and oblige all your commamds, just let me assist you."

The intern made it hard for Sana to decline her again. The doctor goes questioning herself, what's with her that makes it hard for me to resist?

"You know it's against the law Tzuyu." Sana abruptly replied, she can't look at the young one's eyes.

"That damn law! It can't save the girl's life!" The intern pointed out.

"Now you're shouting at me? You're pointing it out like its my mistake!" Sana equally fumed.

"I'm not shouting okay? I was just telling the truth." Tzuyu said a little calmer.

"You just did, you did shout at me Chou! Don't dare talk to me like that!" Sana sneered leaving the intern.

"Fvck!" Tzuyu blurted out. They both knew that there was no time for an argument but here they are spitting fire at each other.

"Nana! Hear me out first!" The intern chased the fuming doctor like before.

"Go away Tzuyu!" Sana uttered walking as fast as she could.

The two did not know that Dr. Kang was watching them argue, the senior doctor was getting impatient with the two's childish acts.

"Stop it you two!" Dr. Kang interupted. He was standing a feet farther than Sana amd Tzuyu. He was not happy at all and by any minute he would go berserk.

"The girl was in so much pain but here you are arguing like kids! Prepare for the surgery now!" The elder doctor added.

Sana and Tzuyu stopped, unable to speak.

"Dr. Kang it is aga---." Sana was stopped mid sentence.

"Doctors don't stick to the law nowadays Dr. Minatozaki because if we would we'll never be able to fulfill our true pledge. Go, I know both of you will do well." Dr. Kang added then turned his feet going back to the other patients of the massive car accident.


Sana and Tzuyu had no other choice but to do the surgery together. Even though both seemed to be in a bad mood as doctors, they should leave it behind and save someone's life.

"Should we start?" Sana asked.

"Let's begin Dr. Minatozaki." The scrub nurse answered.

Tzuyu was standing right next to Sana as if they were okay.

"Scalpel." The doctor ordered.

Tzuyu quickly handed the scalpel to Sana. The doctor cut open the child's stomach right after the girl was asleep and the anesthisia kicked in.

Sana precisely opened the girl's stomach.

"I was right, it is trauma. We'll do bowel resection and functional end to end anastomosis." The doctor spoke.

The assisting nurses nodded along with Tzuyu who was observing all the doctor's move.

"But doctor, her blood pressure is dropping, we must hurry." The nurse informed.

"Araso. GIA (intestine stapler)" Tzuyu passed it carefully and swiftly to the doctor.



"Warm saline please."

The operation went by smoothly with the intern's assisting. Sana can't deny that Tzuyu was incredibly reliable, the young one was surely top of their class. The way Tzuyu seemed to read Sana's next command was unbelivable but true.

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