Chapter 17

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Tzuyu's POV

"Is this a date night then?" I asked this tiny cute lady holding me by my arm.

"I'll think about it." Sana smiled a bit.

"You looked a hundred times beautiful when you're smiling." I honestly commented.

"Though you always look good in my eyes." I added.

Sana blushed, covered her face to avoid me from teasing her. I laughed at her cuteness.

"Yah! Stop! I'll go home!" She said scrunching her nose.

"I won't let you." I equally replied.

"As if you didn't shout at me hours ago." Sana murmured.

"But I already apologized Nana. Can't you forget about it? That's why I'm making it up to you." I pouted.

"Can't forgive you that easy, you made me anxious." She said glaring.

"Awww. My tiny Nana, I'll make it up for you alright?" I stooped a little then playfully pinched her cheeks.

We walked in the streets of Seoul. We let our feet take us to anywhere, as long us we were together.

"Yah! You didn't tell me something Sunbae!" The drunkard man came into my mind I learned to Jihyo before we leave the hospital that the moron asked for my Nana's number.

"Shhh Tzuyu! What?" She asked trying to silence my damn mouth.

"The moron asked for your number huh? And he called you pretty too? That shit." I said taking my arm away from hers.

Sana's mouth went agape. She doesn't know that I knew that thing huh?

"If I had known it earlier I should have break his neck!" I fumed.

The doctor slightly pinched the side of my stomach. "You're are overreacting. Did Jihyo tell you I gave my number?"

I shook my head.

Sana chuckled. "Exactly! So what's your problem now?"

I walked ahead, walking as fast as I could. I was a little upset and I don't know why, I'm starting to believe that I sometimes act like a kid. But only to Sana!

"Tzuyu! Don't be overreacting! If you dare to step farther again I swear I'll go home immediately!" Sana was trying her best not to giggle and pretend to be shouting impatiently at me.

"Why are you so tall? I can't keep up with you walking that fast." She frowned now in front of me.

I avoided her gaze, I can't get over with the thought of Sana and that asshole drunkard.

When the doctor realized that I'm no longer attentive to her she managed to hold my arm slightly shaking it to get back my attention.

"Tzuyu! Look at me!" Sana yelled.

The doctor let go of my arm and stared intently in my eyes. Sana's getting braver and braver, I don't think I can handle her deep black ferocious eyes.

"Why don't you just tell me you're jealous." She whispered.

I horrifiedly turned to her. "What did you say?" I asked.

"Nothing. Let's go, I'm hungry."

"Repeat what you said first." I object.

"It's not important Tzuyu, let's go." She glanced at her wrist watch then tugged me to go.

"We are not going unless you directly tell me what you whispered. Come on Nana."

Sana frustratedly combed her hair. "I-I s-said that w-why don't you just tell me you're jealous." She was stuttering that I find it so damn hard not to laugh. Imagining Sana Minatozaki nervous in front of me felt surreal.

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