Chapter 18

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Tzuyu's POV

I managed to make my two peeving friends go away and mind their own business. The nurses were both interested to know more about me and Sana. Of course I can't tell them all the details about us without those two wrecking my eardrums with their irking squeals.

I shooed Hyunnie and Jihyo, then I turned my heels to knock at the patient's door.

"Come in!" I heard. I opened the door. Standing near the unconscious patient was Dr. Yun and the nurse Lani. The female doctor glanced at me, gesturing to come close.

"Am I late Doctor? I'm sorry." I scratched my nape, walked towards them. Dr. Yun shook her head while scribbling something on the nurse's clipboard. When she was done, she gave it back to the supervising nurse.

"Stitch her left brow twice, I have to assist Dr. Minatozakk in a major surgery. Thank you in advance Dr. Chou." She said.

"And one more thing, monitor her light response and limit visitors." Dr. Yun reminded. She bid goodbye and exited the room after checking the patients dextrose.

I politely approached the nurse to prepare, for I have to stitch the patient's cut. While doing what I was told to do I had a conversation with her. I asked her what happened to the patient.

As I carefully sutured the cut, the nurse ended my curiosity. "She was hit by a car and unfortunately the suspect was not yet arrested."

"Did someone call her family or relatives?" I asked.

The nurse handed me the forceps before she replied. "The police already did but it was hours after the surgery, still no one arrived."

After a several stitches I stood up, told the supervising nurse that I will call the patient's guardian one more time. This is the time where she needs people closest to her. As a doctor, I would do things within my reach for patient's comfort.

"I'll be back, I'll be heading to the desk to have some infos about her. What's her name again?" My gaze landed to the unconscious patient. She was surely damaged by the accident.

"Mary Frost, doctor." The nurse replied.

Now I realized that the patient's features was foreign, I guess she is an American. Maybe that explains why no one close to her seemed to arrive.
I left the ward and went to the info desk. I searched for the name Mary, I found out she was admitted early in the morning. It means it has been almost 8 hrs since the police contacted her family.

When I succeed to know a contact close to the patient I dialed the number. It took me several rings before someone from the other line answered.

"Hello? Maam are you related to Mary Frost?" I politely asked.

The individual I called cleared her throat, waiting for what I have to say. "She needs you, please come here at Deojun as soon as possible."

"Mary lives independently, she never mentioned her parents to me. I'm sorry to tell you but I was not related to her, I'm only her landlord." I assumed the speaker from the other line was a middle aged woman who's also saddened on what happened.

I massaged my temples, seeking for other options. "Do you know a friend of her? The police called you earlier?" There has to be someone close to her or someone who cares for her. Maybe in that way I can contact her parents too.

"Mary is always on her own so I don't know anyone close to her. I'm very sorry again." The woman immediately hang up.

"Shit." I mindlessly uttered.

I brought my feet to the OR because I decided to inform Dr. Yun about the patient's case. Unfortunately, as I came near the OR I saw the red light on still. The surgery of Dr. Yun and Sana was on-going and that means I can't interrupt.

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