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𝓨𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓔𝔂𝓮𝓼 𝓣𝓮𝓵𝓵

Main Characters :

Jeon Jungkook

Kim Taehyung

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Softy who's trying to hide his wolf color by wearing ALL BLACK in his human form.

True Blood Alpha ? No. Not just a True Blood Alpha, but a Hybrid. He is the only existing Original.

Character : KIM TAEHYUNG

Sassy Omega who's so frustrated because of his wolf color. He always whines about why is he black, so he dyes his human hair blonde. He hates black !

Only Male Omega in the pack. His black wolf helps him pretend to be a beta coz his likes are extinct.

Character : MIN YOONGI

Everyone would think he's a mafia leader with his wealth & power but the truth is, he's an underground producer who makes songs for the top musicians all over the world. Taehyung's cousin. He knows the Omega's true rank & supports him still.

Rank : Alpha

Character : KIM NAMJOON

The Director of Luna Univerity of Arts, Science & Witchcraft. Rich af, but very humble. A chaotic wolf who often mistakes as an Omega for his caring side. A genius who hates legends & folklores. Yoongi & Taehyung's cousin.

Rank : Alpha

Character : JUNG HOSEOK

Professor at LUASW, strict when he's inside his class but a real sunshine outside the university. JUNGKOOK's bestfriend. The only one who knows Jungkook's secret.

Rank : BETA


Make up artist & friend of the sassy model Kim Taehyung. Twin of Jung Hoseok. She knows Jungkook but she doesn't know about him being Original. She has her own apartment so she doesn't live with his brother.

Rank : OMEGA


Part time professor at LUASW. A powerful witch who holds the mirror that can interpret someone's soul. (He can determine someone's true rank no matter how they hide it.) Smitten by the director, coz yeah...tighs & namtiddies !



A softy in the outside but ruthless in the inside. A powerful witch who hates Alpha wolves. Still goes to uni who will eventually be friend with Taehyung. He swore to never be involve with any Alpha.


Character : PARK JIHYO

Childhood friend of Jeon Jungkook. They're still friends but since Jihyo became busy with her career, they seldom see each other lately. Another sassy wolf who love to flaunt her pure white fur in her natural form.


Luna, is the place where all the wolves in the universe reside. But unlike the cliche AUs we often read, there are no division of packs in this one. Wolves are living under one government.

The realm of wolves is the most peaceful realm compared to the other realms.

The world is divided into different realms ; the V Land for bloodsuckers that are lead by the Volturris, the FAE realm for the fairies & ghosts, the Underworld for Demons, Mt. Olympus for gods & goddesses and Luna for Wolves, Witches & Wizards.

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