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"Your grandfather agreed to your father's proposal to court me, just like I agreed to Jungkook to court you."

"Oh, so how long did dad court you mom ?" Taehyung asked, expecting for a long answer but Jihyun just smiled at him.

"Your father wasn't able to do his part of the deal because that same day when your grandfather went back to his room, your dad claimed me right there." she confessed and maybe Taehyung is dumbfounded.

He opens his mouth only to close again and when he realized that his parents are both as stubborn as him, he started to laugh out loud.

"OMG, mom ! I can't believe that the almighty Kim Soohyun was a sly hybrid!" he is still laughing when he noticed that Jihyun is already just staring at him.

"Mom ?"

"Jungkook will do the same." she said with a fond smile.

Tae fell into silence as he stares at his mother.

"He came with a bunch of freshly cooked food and a bouquet of freshly picked red roses early in the morning when he just left a few hours ago. He might have controlled his wolf a while ago to show us respect as your parents, but baby his wolf will literally tear anyone who will try to stop him from claiming you now." Jihyun said while squeezing his hand.

Taehyung gulps, he could imagine how powerful his mate is. He can feel the blood rush inside his veins, screaming his alpha's name.

"I don't know how you and dad failed to honor his deal with granny before, but mom I'd like to think Jungkook won't do the same. Besides, he managed to tune me out for four years, I'm sure he can wait for another few weeks." Taehyung said, hoping he's right though he can feel his own wolf disagreeing to him.

Jihyun bumps her head on her son's forehead.

"Let's see baby, no one can resist the descendant's of Aphrodite." Jihyun whispers to his ears before pushing his son inside the bathroom so he could take a shower first before joining them for breakfast.

Taehyung took a quick shower and changed into his school clothes. His mom is already downstairs with his dad and their special visitor.

He's in the middle of the stairs when he felt Jungkook used his speed again because the next second, he saw the original already standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for him.

"Good morning Tae." the alpha greets the omega who immediately beams upon seeing him.

"Gukkie!" Tae runs down the stairs & throw himself at his mate. So of course Jungkook immediately wraps his arms around his tiny waist.

"You're here !" Taehyung buries his face at the crook of the alpha's neck.

"Of course baby, I told you I'll come pick you up right ? I brought food." Jungkook mumbles while nuzzling his nose at the neck of his mate.

They both savor each other's scent for few minutes before the Original finally let go of his mate.

"Baby, as much as I want to eat you right here, I don't wanna disappoint your parents. Let's go ?" Jungkook said making Taehyung blush because well, he can't help but imagine how will Jungkook eats him ?

The alpha suddenly feels dizzy when Taehyung releases another sweeter scent. Jungkook's eyes widen when he realized that Taehyung's wolf is probably teasing his own.

For humans, a person will strip naked to seduce the other but for wolves, it's always the scent. And Taehyung's wolf is doing it right now !

"T-tae baby...let's eat first, yeah ?" Jungkook forced himself to act normal despite the fact that his wolf is already practically crawling his way out of him.

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