Chapter 14 - Oh He was hiding something

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Cover: girls are wearing those types of swimsuit.


Hritika's POV

“What happened to your neck?” Amelia asked disturbing my thoughts on full of Siddharth and our previous encounter.

Neck? Huh? I was wearing a shirt so there's no way - people won't notice someone mark when they are wearing collars shirt? Right? I touched my neck...

“U-umh it's just some insect bite me, Lia!!” I chuckle nervously and she raised her eyebrows.

“Uh sure... I would like to know HOW it happened but I am in the middle of the game so you have lots of explaining!!” Amelia Commented and walked back to the court as they were playing volleyball.

I don't know how to play so I was just watching them while sitting on the beach chair under a huge umbrella, Sipping icecream juice. It was Krittika turn to serve.

“Krittika nice serve!!” Isabelle and Lia commented as She threw the ball high in the air and ran forwards, making a jump and hitting the ball straight towards the Rishi.

After that atmosphere got a bit tense cause boys need 1 more point to win. I watch as Liam and Siddharth look at each other, Liam received the ball nicely and Liam tossed the ball towards him.

Dashing to the opposite side, Siddharth jumped as high as he could and He brought his hand towards the ball with such momentum it has me standing on my seat in excitement and anticipation.


It hit the girls court.

“Sir nice kill!!” Liam yelled in excitement.

“Nice toss Sid!!” Rishi said as trio high-five and I also screamed in delight, throwing my arms up while jumping up and down on my seat that I forget that girls were glaring at me.

Oops we lose!!

Rishi POV

I was resting on a beach chair, wearing only swimming shorts with sunglasses on.

“What a beautiful sight to view!!” I muttered myself as I was staring at Krittika while she was playing with Isabelle challenging against each-other on who could dig more hole in the sand and they were wearing a swimsuit.

“What happens?” I asked Sid who was sitting beside me as I have been noticing his behaviour ever since he has come on the beach, sometimes upset yet angry and looking at Hritika his eyes twinkling like a star, I have never seen him like that before.

“I am in love my dear best friend can't you see and she doesn't give a fuck about me!” He said frustrated as he was staring at Hritika swimming form.

“No, my dear best friend you're completely wrong in it!! I think she is playing hard to get because I always caught her staring at you or should I say ogling at you!” I smirked and he left for riding a wave runner.

My best friend is miserably in love with Hritika, I thought I would do him a favour on working my plan. So I decided to call Siddharth's one of the minion for help, I told Ethan to remove extra fuel from wave runner and Keep food for two people and some necessary things in Siddharth's wave runner.

I was just about to go underwater with a duplicate shark fin which Ethan brought for me, then I heard someone scream.

Hritika's POV

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