Chapter 12

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The hot beads of water splashing down on my face brought me a small sense of comfort.

That was until they became cold shards of glass ,and I was snapped back into reality.

I clenched my jaw in anger and turned off the shower water. My brother is probably in the lab working on the machine, that's what usually cuts off the hot water. But it's nearly midnight and he knows that this is the time that I usually shower so he's either really trying to piss me off tonight or he forgot.

Theodore never forgets anything.

I stepped out of the shower and snatched my towel from off of the bathroom counter. I quickly wrapped it around my waste and stormed out of the bathroom with a bone to pick. I made sure I was quiet as I walked down the hall to the last door at the end.

That was the lab and where I would soon find my asshole twin brother.

"Theodore what the fuck!" I snapped in a low tone as I slammed the door behind me.

"You knew I was in the fucking shower the machine could wait." I spoke getting a little louder. Theodore ignored me which only made me angrier.

"Actually I got an alert earlier while we were downstairs watching the movie saying that product 1 had an error, but I ignored it because  we were with the kids." Esmerelda explained in a calm tone although by the way her hands were slightly shaking I could tell there was something else.

"It's nothing too serious." She added

"Does the robot still function properly ? Why do you look like you've seen a ghost?" I squinted my eyes suspiciously but before I could question anyone any further William walked in.

"There you are Benjamin I was just looking for you- annd you're naked." He raised his eyebrows slightly surprised before averting his eyes elsewhere.

"Anyways the robot is malfunctioning and we don't know why." He finished

"William!" Esmerelda scolded with a deep glare .

"And so none of you were going to tell me?" I snapped and Esmerelda rolled her eyes.

"No because we can't afford for you to lose your temper like you did last time. We can only repair so many robots at a time. Technology doesn't grow on trees you know." William scoffed

I simply rolled my eyes and walked over to the working station.

"What's wrong with it?" I asked as I observed the robot. On the outside it looked perfectly fine. It looked like an actual human on the outside except for the nearly translucent skin that showed the wired tech underneath. We were trying to find some type of synthetic skin that would make it look more child friendly and less robotic.

It is supposed to be a robot nanny anyway.

"It's like it forgot all its codes. It won't say anything I programmed it to say not even the simple things like hello and goodbye. I think a wire disconnected somewhere." Esmerelda muttered as she typed in some familiar codes on the computer. "Maybe we should take it apart and compare it to a different version we made." She suggested and William sighed.

"I mean we can but the digital showcase is tommorow night and I'd rather have something to actually show than a broken robot." He muttered with a slight attitude.

"Okay well what do you suggest we do then William since you seem to know it all." I frowned getting slightly impatient.

"Well maybe you could actually help instead of yelling about it Karen." He scoffed and I clenched my jaw.

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