1. Shopping

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I was so happy with the love of my life ,but my brother can't see me happy

So he has to do the otherwise or else he won't be at ease

So , My brother Ethan , he dragged me here with him to this shopping mall ,just to buy a gift for his girlfriend

I was so happy and peacefully sleeping on my soft and comfy baby ...but he can't digest that fact

stupid brother!

What ??What did you all thought !? That I am talking about my boyfriend


I don't have any and I don't even wish to have one
My baby , the love of my life is my soft and comfy bed.

I was not at all in mood to leave my baby for the whole day , as it's Sunday but my brother ...

Uggh!!sometimes he can be really irritating.

So here I am ...in this mall
Roaming around to find a gift for their so called proposal anniversary  for my brother's girlfriend

" Amy Help me !! Find a gift fast , I need to give her a gift today not next week ...so hurry !! "He shouted at me

What the hell
Firstly he ruins my day and now is shouting at me

" So what ! Why should I even  help to find it ?? Its your anniversary so you should select a gift on your own !! Why even I  am bothering to help you !! You dragged me all the way here for your own purpose ...and now you are shouting at me !! It ain't gonna work with me !...I'm not gonna help you ...I'm going back , deal with it yourself " I yell back at him and started walking back

He immediately followed me and  I knew he would ,because he is very bad at shopping gifts that too for girls
He knows very well , if he chose a gift by himself then jenna will hit him with the same.

So he have to pamper me now , that is the sole reason I shouted at him earlier

Don't get me wrong ! But I am very selfish in this matter
I love my brother and his attention
I've been his priority for the whole life but I get jealoused  when he ignores me for his girlfriend.

" Stop stop ! Amy , my sweetie ! I'm so sorry for shouting at you, I really am , but you know me ...i am freaking out , today is our anniversary and I forgot it , Jenna will kill me if she found out ,so please help your brother , please ! Only you know her better than anyone else, she is your best friend ! "

Yes ! My brother's so called girlfriend is none other than my childhood best friend Jenna !

I'll tell you all about this another time since right now I have to help my brother

I sighed loudly
" I don't have any option , I've to help you , otherwise she will not let me sleep for the whole night while curse you !! And I love my sleep too much to miss it "

He hugs me tightly
" You are the best Amy !! "

I smile " tell me something I don't know !! "

After almost half an hour I have selected a beautiful necklace with small pendant for her

Which I know for sure she is gonna love

So after that I help him to set up a perfect jenna style date

And till all of this end it was two in the noon

So we have our lunch out.

When we head back home ,
We saw an angry jenna in the hall.

And lemme tell you u angry jenna is something you don't wanna mess with.

As she see both of us with shopping bags
Yes ! He bought me some dresses
She was fuming
And we both knew it that now she knows everything

Ethan you are a dead meat now !
Save yourself !!

"You forgot right ?! I knew it ! You don't love me anymore , that's why you didn't remember our anniversary and now you are hiding everything with her help "
She points at me

" Oh no ! No Jenna , it's not like that ! " He speaks in his defence

" So what is this ? Why did you go shopping with her ? " Jen questions

It's not gonna end well for Ethan , I gotta help him

I step in now " what do you mean jenna ?! Can't he go for shopping with me , don't forget that firstly he is brother then your boyfriend "
She looked tensed now
" No no Amy !! I didn't mean it like that And you know you are our first priority and you will be forever !! "

Yes I know it ! And that is why I've to use this trump card to save my brother from you

They hid their relationship from me for whole six months and when I get to know about it I didn't talk to them both for whole a freaking one month.

They both were appologising me but I didn't sway
I was hurt so much
They both were the two closest person to me and they didn't bother to share it with me .

All the time I was thinking that everything is happening for me but then I get to know that our every outing was their secret date

I was not their priority
They were just using me

But then they both promise that it isn't anything like that
I am their first priority and I will be forever ,and if I don't want them to be together they'll broke up cause
They both love me

And I love them both the most in the world , so offcourse I forgave them .

She hugs me tight
And I answer her now Saving my brother " this is all for me ! I drag him to shopping with me today and look he bought me three dresses ! " I exclaimed to change the topic now

She questions " so you go for shopping with him and you didn't even invited me ? "

" I wasn't in mood to share my brother today besides he owes me this because he left me last Sunday to go for movie with you "

And she blushes and hugs me

I wink at Ethan and he mouths me a 'thankyou'


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