― eighteen: secret, lie, & truth

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[ CHAPTER 18 : SECRET, LIE & TRUTH :he moved with some uncertainty, as if we didn't know just what he was there for, or where he ought to go. once he reached for something golden, hanging from a tree, and his hand came down empty.]


          PARKER STANDS BEFORE HER locker, staring inside but not making a move to put her books away. She can't imagine what lunch is going to be like. Will Nico cause a scene in front of Leo? Will Leo hate her? Will he retaliate against Nico and her? What about Liam? Is he seriously going to hurt her just because she's going on a date with Nico? Why does he care anyways? And what exactly is she ruining?

          "Hey," Leo pats her shoulder as he comes to stand beside her. Looking somewhere between confused and interested as he watches the way her glassy eyes stays firm on staring at the back of her locker. "Are you alright?" Parker nods, trying to get herself out of her strange thoughts. She places her books in her locker, grabs her lunch, and shuts it closed before facing him. Hesitantly, Leo smiles at her, "Are you sure? You're acting a little strange, well, at least more than usual." He cheekily grins at her, but she doesn't return it.

         Her free hand picks at her sweater dress in nervousness as she turns to look at him. "I can't hangout after school, Leo." Thinking about it, Nico would get angry if she continued to connect with Leo. It's better to cut ties and keep a distance, until the end of the week is over and she can end things with Nico. She might as well keep things as peaceful as she can without stirring drama with a boy she's stuck with.

          "Oh," The boy, despite still being high off of painkillers, is easily upset and confused by her ending things. "Did something come up?" He turns to face her as the two walk down the busy corridor. She ignores the feeling of his eyes pinning themselves on her face. All she does is nod, and continue to keep quiet. "Well, maybe another time then." Leo's not angry, or upset at her canceling but still acting like his normal, happy self. Only showing small signs of being hurt by the way he's laughing it off and faking a smile.

          Halfway to the cafeteria, Leo goes off inside―sending her a smile before he does so―and Parker heads for the outside eating area where Cameron most likely waits for her. She takes it slow, not excited to see the girl who's always so completely angered with her. Not excited to be near someone who hates her to the core. She wishes she could hang around Victoria, just for a day, but that won't happen. Parker wonders if she completely ruined the chances of them becoming friends after this is all over. If Victoria hates her just as much as Cameron does. That thought, it kills her.

          "Do you not take me seriously?"

          Parker comes to a stop, only a few steps away from the archway leading to her table. To the right of her leaning up against the beige colored wall, is a baseball cap and hoodie wearing Liam. Different from the white t-shirt and no hat wearing outfit from earlier. "Did you change just from me?" Parker asks, as she turns toward him with her arms crossed over her chest.

          Liam pulls his cap down further on his head, "Can't be identified by the cameras if I do something stupid," The boy shrugs as he moves himself closer to her. His eyes narrow in on her as she drags herself toward the archway. "I was serious when I said there'd be consequences," Liam leans closer, he brings his fist up to run along her cheeks bone, "Watch your back, Henderson."

          "Nicolas and I are dating." Parker firmly states.

          Liam's eyebrow lifts up as he takes a step back, "And Leo?"

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