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(Y/n) sat in her room through the morning, meditating and trying to separate her spirit from her body. She knew she was getting closer because at one point, she almost felt entirely disconnected from the world. The floor beneath her had disappeared and she'd momentarily felt weightless before she'd snapped out of it. 

She sighed, rubbing her forehead before resting her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands. There was a soft knock and she called, "Come in," allowing Tails inside. 

"How's it coming?" the fox asked softly. "Did I interrupt you?" 

"No," she said. "I'm getting closer. I know it, but it's a seemingly impossible thing to do. Separate your spirit from your body? I would have thought it entirely ridiculous had the hero of Mobius not been possessed by a ghost." 

"Yeah." He sat down in front of her, rubbing the stump of his hand. "Is there anything I can help you with?" 

"I'm not sure," she said, scratching her cheek subconsciously. She puffed out a breath. "I'm going to keep going at it until I get it. Maybe pay Sonic a visit this afternoon if that's okay." 

"Of course," Tails said. "Breakfast is still waiting for you whenever you feel like eating." And then he left her alone once more. 


"Salvation!" Sonic cheered as (Y/n) walked into his cell later that day. She'd managed to feel the weightless feeling again and hold it for a few seconds, but doubts had crowded into her mind before she'd been able to do anything else. "I was very bored and you've already gotten me into the habit of you coming here!" 

He was lounging on his cot on his back, one arm hanging loosely over the side, a smirk plastered on his face. She closed the door and sat down. 

"I want you to meditate with me," she said plainly and he tilted his head. 

"You want me to do something with you? That's funny." But neither were laughing. He swung his hanging arm, turning his head towards the ceiling. "Look, beautiful. Do you know how hard it is for me to meditate with someone constantly screaming in my head? Pretty hard. I get that you can meditate, but while you're in here, you're here to entertain me. Yeah?" 

"I'm not your toy," she said, planting her hands firmly on her knees and glaring at him. He turned to look at her, still smirking. 

"Well, you haven't really been doing much," he said, turning fully onto his side and resting his head on his hand while propping it up on his elbow. "I do so enjoy your company, milady, since you're the only one who can stand mine." 

"I can't, really," she said shortly. "Now, either come meditate with me or shut up." 

"What is it with you and meditating?" 

"If you came, I think you would actually enjoy it." 

"I don't enjoy much, nowadays. Tails once tried to bring me a chili dog. Sad story. I can't taste stuff anymore, and I'm never hungry except for the souls of the innocent, so another one of my favorite things goes out the window." He passed his tongue over his lips. "Ah. Sweet, sweet chili dogs." 

"Maybe you can have one...if you meditate with me." 

"What on Mobius is so special about meditating?" He sat up, setting his hands in his lap. "I don't understand. Will meditating with you somehow bring back my taste buds?" Instead of replying, (Y/n) simply crossed her legs and closed her eyes, drowning out anything else the frozen hedgehog would have said. 

A moment later, she felt two cold hands on her face and she gasped, her eyes snapping open. She kicked Sonic hard in the gut and he stumbled back, laughing. "It was too tempting!" he said, rubbing a hand over his mouth. 

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