HUGE Announcement

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Hello everyone, I know I have been MIA the past SEVERAL months, but I just wanted to let you all know I am still alive and kicking. I do plan on finishing these stories, I've just been super busy at work trying to get a nice promotion, and also depression has been kicking my ass lately so I have no motivation. Besides the depression, I have recently come to terms with myself and have discovered what I really want within and from myself. It's also why I have been struggling to update but it truly is a huge step for me and something I have found both happiness and pride in. For those that don't know much about me, I was born female. I hadn't been able to admit it to myself until recently but that is not what I want. I also haven't come to admit anything because I wanted to get the ball rolling for myself to be able to believe it and truly understand what I'm going through in my head. I have begun my transitioning journey into my masculine form, and by tomorrow I will (hopefully) be starting testosterone. I really wanted to share this because I do owe a lot of you an explanation and an update as to why I haven't been updating. I know everyone is waiting for me to continue these stories and I promise I am trying my best to finish them. So yes, I am starting my journey into becoming male and it will take a lot out of me but at the same time, I hope it will allow me more time to finish these stories. I have just been reading on here but I have also been trying to come up with ideas of my own. So while this is mainly updating you on my journey, this is also to ask what you guys would like to see coming up. Thank you for those that have read this, because it's been something I wanted to speak openly about. I love you guys, and thank you for all the continued support.

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