Heather Pt 2

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Word Count: 1.2k
A/n: Here's part 2 to Heather! I used they/them pronouns just like the first one. I hope you guys like it!


It had been months since you saw Steve. You had been keeping yourself busy, you got a job, you went on a few dates here and there, you had hung out with the party a few times. The kids updated you on the "Heather shit-uation", they hated her, they said she would drag Steve away from them any time they hung out with Steve. Max especially hated her, she was one of the only kids who knew about your feelings for Steve, she also knew that Steve missed you.

Steve, Heather and the kids had been at the mall all afternoon. It was obvious that the party was starting to drive her crazy. She had been begging Steve to leave the party at Scoops Ahoy and to take her to a movie. Steve told her no every time, even he was starting to get annoyed by her presence. Max had started talking about you, he didn't mean to eaves drop but, it was hard he hadn't heard from you in 5 months.

"Ugh can we please change the subject?" Heather sounded disgusted by the fact that the teens in front of her were talking about you like you were the best thing to ever happen to them, and if Steve was being honest, you were the best thing to ever happen to any of them. Max bit her tongue from saying anything rude to Heather.

"Why?" Max knew what was about to happen, it wasn't the first time that Heather had done this however, it was the first time she had done it in front of Steve.

"Because, it's not like they're even that great. I mean if Y/n really cared about you guys they'd be here right now. They don't even hang out with us anymore. So what's so great about them?" Heather rolled her eyes as Max and Steve were visibly upset.

"You do not get to talk about Y/n like that, ever! We see Y/n all the time, more than we see Steve because you won't let him hang out with us! They would've been way better than Steve than you are. You know why? Because Y/n's not a bitch, who gets jealous that their boyfriend is hanging out with a bunch of 15 year olds. That's what's so great about them!" Max slammed her fists on the table. Lucas pulled her away from the table as everyone else stared at Steve, waiting for him to say something, anything really. Heather has stormed off and Steve went to follow her. The rest of the party went back to Max.

Nobody could believe that Steve didn't even try to say anything. Later he came back told the party that he was taking Heather home and asked them if they wanted a ride. They didn't even say anything they just walked to the bus stop and got off at the stop closest to your house.

There was incessant knocking on your front door. You swung the door open to see the faces of your favorite teenagers in the whole world. They looked very upset, you knew they were supposed to be hanging out with Steve and Heather today so something must have happened while they were hanging out all together. You stepped to the side to let them in, you offered them something to drink and something to eat. They all accepted the offer and they went to sit on your couch. You brought back snacks and drinks for everyone, you looked up to them, all eyes were on Max, meaning she was the one who started it.

"Max? You okay?" She shook her head no.

"Did something happen?" She nodded in response.

"Max, I can't help if you don't say anything." She scoffed at you.

"Heather talked shit about you. I got mad because you're like the best person we know and she sucks, she's the worst. And Steve didn't even say anything and we were mad at him for that so we took the bus to your house." You were happy but, it did kinda sting that Steve didn't say anything, why would he though? You hadn't spoken to him in so long, were you guys still friends? You honestly didn't know.

In the midst of everyone talking and eating, someone was knocking on your door again. When you opened the door, you were shocked to see Steve. He looked sweaty and out of breath. It was in this moment that you realized how much you really missed him.

"Hey" by now all of the kids had positioned themselves behind you, they were giving Steve dirty looks and had their arms folded over their chests.

"Hey, can-can we talk without them around?" Steve nodded his head towards the kids and you let him in. You told the kids to stay in the living room and you led Steve to your room. He was happy to see that nothing changed in your room. He sat himself down on your bed, he was fidgeting with his hands.

"I'm sorry. For getting with Heather. I liked her, I did but not as much as I like you. I've liked you for a long time, Y/n. But, I never thought you'd like me back so, I tried hard to move on which is how I got with Heather." He looked you in the eyes for the first time in a long time. When you looked in his eyes, you felt like you were at peace. That was something that you hadn't felt in so long.

"I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have stormed out of your house without letting you say anything. I'm sorry for avoiding you like the plague."  You held his hands in yours.

"It was hard you know, I heard all the stories the party would tell about you and it hurt knowing that I wasn't there to have seen you in action." You laughed a little at his comment, it made you wonder what he's been hearing about you all this time. You looked down to your hands and pulled them away from his.

"Max told me what happened today." You hesitated looking up at him again.

"Yeah, I knew she would but, I broke up with Heather when I dropped her off at her house. She said she knew how I felt about you and she was 'doing her best to make sure I never heard your name again.' That is a real quote from the worst person I have ever met."

"Is it wrong of me to say I'm glad you broke up with her?" You hand his hands back in yours and you were now looking into his beautiful hazel eyes.

"No, I'm glad too." You smiled up at him, looking down at his lips.

"Can I kiss you?" Instead of responding with words, Steve leaned into the kiss. You thought people were kidding when they said they felt sparks when they kissed their significant other but, you felt sparks.

"Guys! They did it!" The yelling coming from Dustin followed by the sound of 5 more pairs of feet heading towards your room, is what broke you and Steve apart. You blushed slightly and Steve got up to push the kids back towards the living room. You followed Steve out of your room and sat by him on the couch. He grabbed your hand and and he leaned down to kiss you again. You couldn't have been happier.

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