Chapter 19

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I wake up the next morning to Jimin curled into my side. I quickly notice the hell like pain in my stomach. I untangle myself and go to my bathroom. I then realized I don't have anything I need. I walk out of the bathroom to Jimin and shake him awake. He sits up and says

"Whats up"

Iris: "uh small problem"

Jimin: "Okay baby girl what is it?"

Iris: "I started my period"

Jimin: "oh uh okay well Hobi hyung has a sister so i'm sure he'll be able to help you better than me. So imma go get him. Okay?"

Iris: "okay"

I watched him walk out of the room to get Hobi. I sat on the bed and brought my knees to my chest in a weak attempt to numb the pain. I close my eyes and put my head down. I hear the door open but dont move. I hear hobi say

"Jimin get some pain killers and a glass of water please."

I then feel a hand on my back rubbing in circles. I look up to be met with Hobi. I saw Jimin walk in with the painkillers and water. He hands them to hobi who hands them to me and helps me swallow them. He then speaks

"Hey I am gonna run to the store and get you what you need okay? Do you want pads or tampons?"

Iris: "the pads with wings"

Hobi: "okay will do doll. And just so you know neither Jimin or I will tell the others you're on your period okay, you can tell them if you want. Now i want you to go and eat breakfast and i'll be back soon kay"

Iris: "kay"

He then walks out. I follow Jimin to the table where the guys are and just put my head straight on the table hoping it will swallow me whole. I feel Jimin run comforting circles on my back before Jin speaks

"Are you okay Iris?"

Iris: "No my body is trying to kill me."

I hear somebody laugh so i pick up my head and glare with all my might in the general direction where said boy shutters and jungkook speaks

"So since when can iris kill us with a glare"

Namjoon:"also where's hoseok?"

Iris: "saving my life from pain"

Yoongi: "im so confused"

Jin: "what is going on"

Iris: "Jiminnnnnnnnnn"

Jimin: "yes baby girl"

Iris" please inform the clueless idiots of why i am in the pits of hell"

Tae: "yes jimin please explain"

Jimin: "she started her period"

I hear collections of ohs around the table, and I hear the door open and hoseok come in with some bags. He looks around noticing the guys being awkward and takes a deep breath and says

"Oh my god she's on her period you don't have to be awkward. It's a normal thing, just treat her like she's a queen and for the love of god don't anger her and you'll be fine and here iris. I'll give you the other bags when you come back i got you some stuff my sister likes when it's her time."

The boys apologize while I talk the bag and trudge to the bathroom. When I come back Hobi hands me two bags and leads me over to the sofa with the other guys. Jin then covers me with a fluffy blanket. I opened the first bag to see lots of chocolate and sweet korean snacks. I open the other to be me with a cute stuffed animal that can be put in the microwave to be warmed up. I was so happy I looked up to hobi and thanked him. Tae then spoke up

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