Chapter 21

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He walks in with a deathly glare. He sits down at the head of the table and looks over all of us. Sejin then enters the room and takes a seat at Bang PD's right. I'm nervous, I know I have a strong case, but what if they can't do anything? Instead of letting my thoughts run crazy I take a deep breath in and focus on what Bang PD is saying.

Bang PD: "So we have two options. One we file a restraining order and hope they stay away, or two we go to court for abuse and hope he gets put in jail. I honestly think he needs to be put in jail, but if we do go to court I will have to make an announcement as to why. But that is the only concern I see. What do you guys think? This is your decision after all."

I look around to the boys they all look very determined, Taehyung then asks me

"Iris, I'm guessing he wouldn't stay away if we got a restraining order?"

Iris: "No, it would just fuel his anger"

Hoseok: "We'll then it's clear, we have to go to court."

There were hums of agreement before namjoon spoke

"Then we all agree we're going to court"

We all nod our heads. I feel Yoongi Put his arm around me, while Bang PD speaks

"Well then I'll go tell the lawyers to file the case, and I will be releasing a statement as soon as I can. And also Iris, I got your lifeguard certification transferred to Korea. Now boys go take this girl out to do something fun to get her mind off things. Iris what would you like to do?"

Iris: "anything?"

Bang PD: "within reason"

I smile wide and look straight at yoongi who tilts his head and says


Iris: "genius lab"

I hear laughter around the table and Bang PD and Sejin leave the room giving us privacy, but i still haven't heard an answer, but quickly remember yoongi's weakness. I give him puppy dog eyes pout a bit and say

"Please oppa"

Yoongi: "yes yes okay yes just stop staring at me like that"

He gets up and starts walking toward the studio attempting to get away from Tae and Jimin who are now mimicking me and calling yoongi oppa. I look toward Jin and whisper to him

"How long till yoongi cracks and says something, I bet not even five minutes."


Once we're all in the studio and the door is closed behind us, Jimin and Taehyung have still not relented. Yoongi slowly stalks over to them. They look at each other and then at yoongi who growls

"You two better stop before i make you"

The boys gulp and immediately shut their mouths. I giggle before looking around in awe. I turn to see the guys on the couch. I hop over to them and promptly sit down on hoseok's lap. He chuckles before wrapping his arms around my waist. Then Namjoon speaks

"The statements out."

I look down at my phone which sure enough there's a statement. I read

Hello This is BigHit entertainment,

This statement is to let fans know about the court case that BTS and their soulmate are soon to be involved in. Big Hit is pressing charges against BTS soulmate's parents for abuse that could have taken a life. We ask that when the court date is set fans DO NOT disturb the members of BTS or Iris at the courthouse for this is a difficult process. We do not take abuse of our family lightly and guarantee justice will be served. Thank you.

I look over to my boys with tears in my eyes. The boys are soon surrounding me in a group hug before i mumble out

"He called me family"

Jimin: "of course he did babygirl, everyone at bighit loves you. You should have heard the threats they gave up at the concert, when you were bouncing happily and dancing along in the green room. They will surely come after us if we ever hurt you. Pretty sure they like you more than us"

Jungkook: "yeah my hair stylist even threatened me with a hair brush"

I laugh and I realize, I finally found a family not just my soulmates. But a full on family. In this moment I realize what stitch meant by ohana and am glad to finally have my own.


Hours later were all seated in the living room talking. Jungkook then asks me

"I'm gonna get myself banana milk, anyone want any?"

Iris: "well I've never had it before but sure i'll try it"

Jungkook stared at me in pure shock.

Jin: "I think you broke him"

Taehyung: "Is he frozen?"

Jimin then pokes his side and he just slightly lowers himself to the ground, sitting criss cross. He then slowly looks up to me and says

"How have you survived without banana milk? What else haven't you had?"

Iris: "alcohol for one"

Yoongi: "Wait, you're 18 and you haven't had alcohol?"

Namjoon: "the drinking age is 21 in the states hyung"

Yoongi: "but still"

Hoseok: "would you like to try some?"

Iris: "Alcohol? No, I don't think it'd mix well with all my medication, and i'd rather not learn just how much of a light weight I am just yet, but banana milk sure!"

I smiled widely as Jungkook hands me what I assume to be banana milk, while he watches me with glee. I took a sip and loved it. I normally don't like milk but this was sweet and I love sweet. I look up to jungkook and nod. He seems satisfied with my answer so he sits back down and sips on his banana milk. I hear my phone ding, but as I reach to grab it I notice all the boys shift slightly away from me and smirking. I immediately know that I'm about to fangirl for some reason that is still unclear. I am even more confused when I notice it's a youtube notification and not the usual twitter notification. Upon closer inspection the video that is currently loading is titled "Daydream". I blink. I look up. I look down. I jump to my feet while making the ever not so embarrassing noises of a fangirl. I then hear the intro and plop myself down right onto the floor while the video begins.

Three minutes and 49 seconds later. I look over to hobi who's smirking with pride. I then say

"Ever heard of a warning, y'all are gonna give ARMY a heart attack one day. Would it be worth it? Definitely but still ever heard of a teaser?"

They laugh. And I yawn realizing it's time for bed. I look at Namjoon wanting to cuddle with him tonight and just lift my arms up hoping he will carry me to bed. He does just that. I'm soon tucked into bed wearing a koya pajama set that joon just happened to have laying around in my size and a matching pair. Before falling into dream land.

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