Chapter 14

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~Victoria's POV

Xavior looks impatient as I stand there, not knowing what to do. "I'm waiting" he says to me in a calm yet scary tone.

Apologize, maybe he'll forgive you. I think to myself as I watch him tap his foot on the floor in a rhythmic pattern. "Xavior I'm so sorry, I for-" he raises his hand as a sign for me to stop. He gets up and walk towards me.

"Did I ask you to apologize or did I ask you to strip?" he looks at me with one eyebrow arched. He towers over me, his strong gaze forces me to look down. He brings his fingers to my chin and lifts my head so that we are eye to eye.

Our faces are mere inches apart, he looks me dead in the eyes with nothing but seriousness. "I'm going to count to three, and if you are not out of this clothes by then...there will be consequences."

I shiver in fear at his tone, he sounds so dangerous, but I cannot let this man run my life, I mean I didn't do anything wrong. Did I?

I gather the strength to reject his request." No Xavior, you will not tell me what to do. I will not undress myself and that's final." I end of. My heart is beating so fast, it feels as if it is about to jump right out of my chest.

He tilts his head to the side "What did you just say to me?" he asks angrily while moving closer towards me, the proximity is too close for my liking. I take a few steps back to create some distance between us.

He grabs my shoulders and brings me towards him. "You will not disobey me, I told you to tell me where you were going and you ignored my simple request, do you really want to make it worse by talking back?" he asks me, his grip on my shoulders is tight, that's definitely going to leave a mark.

All the confidence I had is now gone, I look at him with fear. He let's go of me and walks over to the bags on the floor. He goes through it and chuckles. He holds up one of my lingerie sets that I bought myself. I look away embarrassed.

He puts it back in the bag and turns to me. "I'll make you a deal" , he starts saying. " you will try on all of the lingerie that you've bought and show me or I tie you to the bed and I get to do whatever I want to your body?" he smirks at me.

I'm shocked at his proposal, I don't want to be tied up, who knows what this man would do. I'm conflicted on what to choose. I make up my mind and choose the simplest request." I'll do the first one" I say looking down.

"You better hurry up now babygirl, the second part of the deal is starting to really sound good to me" he says with his hands in his pocket. I quickly take the bags of lingerie to the bathroom and shut the door behind me.

When I'm in it I take a deep breath, I look at myself in the mirror to give myself a quick pep talk. When I'm done with my speech, I feel a bit better. I put the lingerie on and assess myself to see how I look.

The blue lacy set that consists of a low cut bra and a thong with strings attached to the top, looks good on my body and hugs my curves perfectly.

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