Wattpad's hacking + words from ex employees

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It's been a scolding hot minute since I've posted anything and you may have noticed I changed my username as well as my penname. Ah, a fresh start to a stale-ass environment.

Anyway, during my silence, I've been watching this tragedy from afar and I felt compelled to yeet my opinions out there once again.

If you are unaware, Wattpad had a security breach back in June, yes June, affecting 270 million users. I'm not going to talk a whole lot about the actual breach, I'm here to mostly discuss how Wattpad has handled the situation and some things about their team. 

If you want more information, check out Wattpad Strategies No One Told You About by walkingecho, she posted about it and she's been giving more in-depth information on the situation and what you should do to protect your account and email.

*Fat sigh like a Youtuber in an apology video*


Wattpad is a multi-million dollar corporation with social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter, and of course their own website. So explain to me why they failed to warn users about this issue until now? Wattpad had been radio silent on their social media about it and posting  Q&As on Instagram stories with paid authors nobody gives a fuck about. They didn't post anything on Twitter until 2 days ago and their Instagram post just went up yesterday when the hacking initially occurred last month.

(They posted something on their Support webpage from what I've heard but nobody is out here hawk watching their support page soooooo.)

It wasn't until today when I received an email about the breach for my damn sock account I created with friends as a joke, and I still never received an email for this account, my backup, or the community account I'm a part of. So they're not even emailing everyone.

Now I'm a dumb bitch so I know nothing about running a company, but is it that complex to post a forum post saying you've been hacked? Damn, figuring out what to say in their posts must've been really hard for their PR team guys :((

Given that this shit ties into the claims of past employees saying HQ is a fuckin' mess, I'm not surprised by how it's been handled.

While on the topic of past employees aka the real meat of this rant, I got bored and decided to check up on Wattpad's Glassdoor reviews. I checked it in the past a few years ago, there were some good reviews but quite a few bad ones. There are a few reviews I'd like to repost here so more people can get a look at what goes on in HQ. I think it's important for people to see how Wattpad operates behind its mask. Behind that mask is poor management, abuse of power, shitty salaries, carelessness, and even some racism. allegedly

I might get in trouble for this but at this point, I dare an Ambassador to delete my account for spreading shit around. If I go down it'll only prove my point about them even more. Wouldn't have much to lose anyway, all of my friends are leaving this dump because of how bad it is.

These reviews are quite long but it's important you read all of the info provided to truly understand why Wattpad is a problematic mess.  

December 24th, 2019:

"I worked at Wattpad full-time for more than 3 years


1. LOCATION - In front of union station with access to transit and good restaurants.

2. OFFICE - Pleasant office with snacks and plenty of office lunches.

3. CANADIAN - Amongst the few successful big companies to exist in Canada

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