Chapter 39: Sweet Voices

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The following weeks were hectic.

Kai and Valor had arrived with their wolves and, while it wasn't cramped, tensions were high. The wolves were pissed and ready to fight but they also questioned one another. With Sean's betrayal, everyone was doubting each other. Accusations of working with the enemy were at an all-time high and Leanna was overwhelmed trying to diffuse it all.

Phoenix, on the other hand, was having meetings back to back, calling up and every pack he could get a hold of for allies. Apart from Kai and Valor, only one more pack had answered his call for help. Alpha Kalani from the Winter Fire pack. She offered him 1500 wolves as well as herself and was set to arrive the following day.

While relieved he would have support, he wasn't free of the worry. He had tripled the patrol and needed them retrained. Sean had done it so poorly they didn't know their ass from their head. Which, much to his dismay, Phoenix knew he'd done on purpose.

"You need to get some sleep," Kai interrupted his inner turmoil and he sighed, looking up.

"What do you need, brother?"

Kai shrugged, "Nothing you can give me."

"I don't have time for jokes," Phoenix let out a heavy sigh, pouring himself another drink.

Kai walked in, shutting the door with his booted foot, "Come on, man. Don't do that shit."

"What?" Phoenix shot him a puzzled look.

"That," Kai pointed. "Hide. It's the same shit you do when you get overstressed. You lock yourself in your hidey-hole and ignore everyone. When was the last time you ate? Hell, took a shower?"

Phoenix shook his head, "Ate a few hours ago, showered yesterday."

"Okay, well, when was the last time you saw your girl?" Kai raised an eyebrow.

The Alpha's frown deepened as he tried to think about it, "Last week, maybe. Fuck!" He ran a hand down his face, feeling the familiar stubble; he needed a shave.

"All I can think about is how they got to Sean. He's been loyal for nearly century now suddenly, he's a betrayer? I 'm just trying to wrap my head around it," he leaned back in his chair.

"People do the dumbest shit for the smallest reasons," was Kai's only response.

Tell Thad the rooms are ready for tomorrow.

Kai nodded at Gemma's message and looked back up at Phoenix.

"Gemma said the rooms are ready. You two still aren't talking?" Kai tilted his head.

"Nope," was all the Alpha said.

They sat in silence, the only sound coming from Phoenix typing every so often on his laptop.

Eventually, Kai left, and Phoenix ran a hand through his hair, frustrated. He shut his laptop and left the room, heading down the hall. He followed Leanna's scent to the living room where he found her relaxing on the couch with Sophie, Jagger, Sebastian, and Gemma.

He hovered by the door, watching her. He wasn't next to her but just her nearby presence relaxed him, and he let out a soft sigh. He took in the bags beneath her beautiful emerald eyes and he could feel her exhaustion and fear through their bond. Though one on wouldn't be none the wiser by the smile that graced her features.


She glanced up at him and her smile brightened at the sight of him.

"I'll be right back," she excused herself and then walked to him as he slipped behind the wall, away from prying eyes.

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