Chapter 23

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There was a lot going on in Sana's  head. She started to overthink the night she read the message from her father.

The chairman's game started and Sana wasn't prepared or the truth might be she'll never be prepared to go against her own father. But until now she's hoping that maybe like a magic if that even exist, her father would one day be someone she hoped him to be. Like a good father.

The surgeon kept thinking what's best for her to do. Despite all the things that made her heart and mind hurt with the trouble she might face there is one thing Sana surely promised herself, that Tzuyy would always be her priority because she's the only one she has, the only one she wants and need. If anything she'll hold on to the love they have.

When the sun peeked out again and another day starts, it means it's time for work again. Sana worked her ass off of bed even though she felt like sleeping all day.

In no time she did her morning routine and traveled all the way to the hospital for the practice surgery. Arriving at her office, she picked up her phone to check if her girlfriend might have left a text for  her but there was none. Maybe the intern was still asleep, so the doctor decided to type a quick message of goodmorning to Tzuyu, hoping that the young one would read it immediately.

Sana turned to her wrist watch, it was still early. She still can talk with Tzuyu for a bit so she waited like a cat waiting for her food to be served. Her eyes glimmering and when her phone rang displaying a specific name on the screen Sana did not think twice, she tapped the accept button fast. Making it seem like they hadn't talk for ages.

"Tzuyu!" Sana excitedly greeted. But there's no one replying on the other line.

"Tzuyu?" She repeats and the same no response.

"Love?" Sana tried again. The only thing she can hear was heavy breathing and as paranoid as she can be she's starting to worry. She moved the phone from her ears just to check if the caller was really her girlfriend and repeats her endearment for the blonde.

"Hmmm?" Tzuyu mumbled and was startled when she realized Sana answered her call quickly.

"Oh crap! I was half asleep Nana I'm sorry." The intern added chuckling. Tzuyu sits up, stretched her limbs.

"Go on sleep some more. I will be heading in the OR in a minute, I just answered your call because I thought you're awake and in your sane mind." Sana replied equally laughing.

"Nope. I'm good, I think I've had enough sleeping and apparently my girlfriend seemed to miss me a lot even though we were together last night. Do you need a goodluck kiss love?" Tzuyu teased over the phone in which Sana hissed. "Yah! Who says I miss you? Liar! I just answered your call because you promised me last night remember?"

"Pshhh. You're the one who's a bad liar Dr. Minatozaki  but its okay, I can be there to kiss you for real." The intern farther pushed throwing a hilarious laugh, entertained by teasing the surgeon.

"Aish! I'll end this call!" Sana scowled.

Playful Tzuyu grinned. "I'm joking! Chill. What time will your practice end? Maybe I can fetch you."

Sana shook her head as if the blonde could see her. "Andae, take care of Gucci and I'm afraid I can't make it to your house after the practice Tzuyu . Dad wants me to meet someone."

"I see. Take care alright? Just call me if you reach home." Tzuyu said hiding the tinge of disappointment.

"I will love. Maybe you can keep yourself busy with some things." Sana cockily replied remembering the dance trophy Tzuyu kept in her room.

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