Chapter 2

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It was a super exhausting and a super tiring day that I just couldn't wait to go home and throw myself under the warm and cozy bed covers. There were so many annoying customers today, irritating the hell out of me. Mothers couldn't handle their crying babies; kids were dropping ice cream and shakes on the floor and I had to clean up all of the mess and to be honest it was very exasperating and draining but I had to do the work because of the money.

We couldn't afford to starve to death and I especially wouldn't let munchkin go to sleep hungry. I couldn't bear to hear the growls of her hungry stomach at night as it would simply just kill me, rob me off my entire night thinking of her starved state printed on the circuit board of my mind. Mum used to come home just to sleep and dad was barely ever home God knows doing what, so it was all on me now.

I was walking home and was in the driveway when I heard a crash from inside my house when I internally cringed because this only meant one thing that dad was home. He was always abusive since childhood and it grew till a point that I got used to his beatings, his foul language and his anger. Sometimes I just wished that I could disappear because it was too hard, too powerful to drain my mental health and scatter it to pieces. I had to cover up my scars and wounds during work as I found them humiliating.

Dad was a heavy gambler. He used to gamble and lose most of the times, just to come home drunk when he'll start to beat me to get the money which he can use to pay off his debts and to again use them to just wager and have fun. It was frustratingly annoying but I couldn't do anything because if I used to run to protect myself, he used to beat munchkin up and she was a baby and didn't deserve any of this at all especially at such a young age, so I had to take the beatings on her behalf.

Mum used to be out with her constantly changing boyfriends and I got her share of beatings as well. I was living a panic-stricken life in my own home and I couldn't do anything about it. How many times had I prayed that someone could lend me a hand, grab it and just pull me out of this situation but this only happened in books and movies. Real life was a nasty piece of shitty ass ride which never ended and kept getting more and more scarier and riskier than ever.

Heaving a tired sigh, I walked up the driveway, unlocked the door and entered the house just to hear my shoe crushing a piece of fallen glass on the floor. I carefully pocketed the key and looked up when my eyes widened in horror. The whole living room was a mess. Glass was displayed everywhere, half broken vases were on the floor, broken flowers were spewed everywhere. I could see food leftovers creating a huge mess on the ground when I felt pure rage because I knew that I had to clean this up as well after such a heavy shift at work. This was literally so vexatious.

The thing that caught my attention and sucked all air from the room making goosebumps appear on my skin and making my blood go cold was the thought of munchkin. Where was she? Was she hurt? Did dad beat her? Was she okay? Was my baby in danger?

Throwing my bag roughly and carelessly onto the floor, I just ran over the broken glass as quickly as I could fearing that she had gotten a beating when taking a turn, I saw blood stains on the floor confirming the thought that my baby sister had gotten a beating.

I rushed to find her and sure dad was hitting her again and again with his belt and munchkin was lying limp on the ground. She wasn't even moving a single muscle and all air was sucked from the room. The blood in my veins ran cold and I swear my heart stopped beating for a second. My nerves themselves were in shock that they had to pause before sending further signals and when they did?

Without giving it a further thought, I lunged forward and pushed him off of her just to see her skin pale and yellow. Upon touching her, she was as cold as ice. Very. Very. Cold. I quickly placed my fingers under her neck to check her pulse when I was internally relieved to find a faint throb. At least it was there.

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