Chapter 3

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I woke up from the sound of some packets opening. I opened one eye just to see munchkin eating crisps, HER MORNING BREAKFAST, while watching YouTube on my mobile. Oh, how cute she looked.

I rubbed my eyes and yawned, "Good morning munchkin."


Okay. The lady was busy eating her crisps so I stifled another yawn to check my phone. 8:03am. I had set the alarm but I forgot to press OK. Mentally facepalming myself I jumped as if someone had electrocuted me. I had to be at the cafe by 0800hrs.

Quickly putting on a pair of denim blue trousers and a pale white shirt I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face and put my hair in a messy bun. Snatching my phone and pocketing it, I picked munchkin up and rushed out of the room locking it when she protested with a moody whine.

I kissed her cheek and kept on running, "I have a job munchies and I am late." She made a cute ass pout and rested her cheek on my shoulder when I just smiled. I loved her. I really really loved her when at the last moment she too kissed my cheek when I giggled and hugged her closer. And the next thing I knew was that we both were laughing and running side by side to get to the cafe quickly.

My boss was on vacations today and hence I could bring my little devil along with me.


It was once again an extremely exhausting day and somehow, I was getting annoyed. I was getting frustratingly agitated due to some reason I couldn't quite figure out yet that it got to a point I actually snapped at a customer and had to apologize there and then. I was serving the last buyer of the day when I felt my trousers getting wet. Oh shit! I forgot.

My monthly had started. I mentally face palmed myself, yet again, quickly served the customer, wrapped a scarf around my waist to cover up the stains and pulling Everleigh along, dashed for the door to go home. Now I understood why I was being agitated. I reached the motel and quickly freshened up and decided to eat something from whatever was left in the bag when my phone started to buzz. It was Josephine.

"Hey what's up?"

"HEYYYYY. Okay, I decided to cut to the chase as I don't have much of a time. Send me your location, I'm coming to pick you up."

I whined as I was pretty annoyed and tired, "Whyyyyyyyy?"

Excitement was evident in her tone, "There is a new club which has just opened and I cannot wait to go there and obviously you are going with me."

"But, Josephine, I am on my period. Besides, I don't even have anything to wear. Furthermore, no way in hell is Everleigh going to a club at this age and nowhere in my right senses will I leave her alone in this.........." I didn't know how to describe this dingy place when I just somewhat grimaced with disgust and ended the thought with, "motel."

"Leave it to me. I'll fix you up something. Just send me your location."

I sighed and looked at Everleigh eating a burger, "What about munchkin?"

After about a few seconds she said, "I'll bring my maid along. She can look after her."

"Can she be trusted? Are you sure?" I was genuinely worried as I have never let munchkin alone with anybody and she meant the world to me when-


She hung up on me. How rude! I was antagonized but to be really honest, I really wanted to go. I had been running day and night doing duties, earning money, sleeping less and eating less for the past around six to seven years and I was genuinely very exhausted and so I really wanted to go for maximum an hour, have some time to myself, breathe a little and then back to normal routine, back in hell itself. I sent her my location and just waited for her to show up.

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