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THOUGH ELLA HAD NO idea why Ava was here, she was glad to speak to the girl again. Despite the obvious drama between her and Alex she was fun to hang with, that amused smirk always playing on her fuchsia lips. Meeting the other two seemed like fun as well, because if Faiza liked them she was sure to do so as well.

Her thoughts flashed to her ex for a moment then and she wondered if he was in town, before shaking her head. They had been best friends before they started dating and she cared for him still, but that was in the past now. She had gotten numerous texts from him asking where she was when she was sent away, all flooding in once her cell service came back, but she had only glanced at a few of them. It was a bad trait of hers, but being forgiving was something she struggled with.

Her thoughts didn't stay on him for long, quickly going back to Levi as he landed a right hook on Sebastian. There were few people who could actually take her brother on, his championship titles enough to prove that he wasn't some mere fighter, and she was impressed to see Levi was getting close to being one of them. He was trying his best to keep himself to all the rules from boxing, but she could see him hesitating at times and changing the flow of his movements.

Sebastian noticed those moments as well, but though he mostly didn't take advantage of the opportunity, he didn't have the leisure to keep doing that. Despite the lack of experience Levi had in the fighting style, his blows were hitting hard and he didn't seem to break much of a sweat just yet. Her brother smiled at that, the exhiliration that always colored his eyes in fights sharp now.

"They just keep on going and going," Alex said amusedly.

Will looked worried as Sebastian pushed Levi back with a hit then, shaking his head. "Do you think we should stop them?"

"Hell no," Alex said, leaning back," let's just enjoy the entertainment before all hell breaks loose in a couple hours."

"Not excited to see Ava?" Ella said with a glance to him.

"I -" he began, closing his lips and parting them again," I don't know."

"Of course he is," Will grinned," you're the reason she's here after all."

"Did you do something, Alex?" Ella frowned.

He almost looked guilty, though his eyes were sparkling mischievously. "Perhaps."

"What did you do?" she said, eyes narrowing.

Whatever it was, she was almost a hundred percent sure Ava didn't think it was as amusing as Alex did. The girl was a lot of things, but invested in chasing guys around was not one of them. If she had come all the way towards her city, it must have been something bad enough to make her come here.

"I took her phone," Alex said.

That explained a lot.

"She's going to kill you," Ella chuckled.

"She is," Will nodded solemnly.

"I somehow got her involved in the whole expulsion from the camp thing," Alex shrugged awkwardly," and she didn't want to listen to me when I apologized."

"You mean you both got angry and started shouting at each other," Ella said.

"Yeah, that." Alex flashed her a smile then. "Anyway, her phone fell when we were fighting and I took it to give it back to her, but she shouted at me again. So I told Clarkson to tell her where I was going and left."

"The lengths you go to to have a normal conversation with her," Ella said," doesn't it get too much for you?"

Alex' usual amused expression faded into something which was so softly sincere it looked like a strange face on him. His voice was as quiet as his eyes when he spoke, looking like he knew the relationship was making him drown, but still wasn't ready to let go of the anchor just yet. The effort he put in breathing underwater was more than he should, but she didn't have to say that for him to know.

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