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"That'" Forkle asked for what had to be the fiftieth time.
"Yes, that's it" Keefe responded, yet again. Forkle paced the room, going from where Sophie was standing to the opposite side of the room, where Keefe had plopped himself as soon as they got back from the forbidden cities. As far away from her as he could be, Sophie had noted immediately.
"She was just trying to freak us out... get in our heads. Drive a wedge between us" Sophie tossed a glance at Keefe as she said the last part, but looked away quickly as he met her gaze.
"Well, it's worked. I'm shaken" Keefe admits, deflating a little
"We'll add more security to everyone's houses and the black swan hideouts, but I think Miss foster is overall right" Forkle agreed "I'll go order some changes, and make sure everyone is informed"
"But... keep the details to a minimum? Please?" Sophie asked as he pulled out his pathfinder. He met here eyes, and even without telepathy they understood each other. No one should know about Sophie's side mission with her......... mother. Sophie would never get used to that fact. She only barely called her that in her mind, and it was always with reluctance and had a thick layer of disgust over it. Forkle nodded once, stepping into the light. Sophie let out a sigh, and slowly made her way over to Keefe. She sat down on the couch next to him, but he shied away, still putting space between them.
"What's wrong?" Sophie asked him, though she had a clue as to what was bothering him
"What was my mom talking about? What aren't you making any progress on?" Keefe asked. Sophie sucked in a breath, glancing around the room. Of course Sandor knew what Sophie was doing with Oralie, and she knew Ro would have to find out at some point, but she still felt the need to use telepathy
Do you mind? She asked, just to make sure. Keefe nodded, and she stretched out her consciousness, slipping into his mind.
I've been trying to crack Kenrics cache, with Councillor Oralie
Oh.... Keefe's mind whispered
At first I was hopping it'd help wake you up, but since you seem to be doing fine.... Sophie gave Keefe a quick once over, just to make sure her statement was true we're trying to see if something in there will help stop the Neverseen. Or, maybe your mom.
Oh. Keefe said again simply.
You're still mad, aren't you?
Well, I'm still a little upset. I thought we were the dynamic duo. That we could tell each other things that we couldn't tell anyone else... like... who your mom is.
Sophie felt like she'd been kicked in the stomach. He was right, of course. She felt like she could tell him anything, usually. Yet she still haven't told him this.
We are! I just was supposed to kind of keep it under wraps. And I didn't want to worry you while you were still recovering, and it never came up once you got better. I know that's a bad excuse. But I am sorry. Sophie insisted
It's ok. Just.... tell me next time something like this happens, okay? Keefe asked, giving her a small reassuring smile
"Okay" Sophie smiled back, feeling some weight lifted off her shoulders.

"Are you even aiming?" Ro's voice cut through Sophie's concentration, making her flitch as she threw the dagger. It missed, sticking into the ground a few feet left to the target.
"I'm trying! Maybe if you let me be I could aim" Sophie grumbled. Ro just snorted
"Oh, yeah, because Vespera is going to sit quietly and politely wait for you to sink a dagger into her neck" Sophie paled at the metal image, and even though it was only in her mind, Sophie could still feel the bloods stickiness, smell the iron. She ripped her mind away from those thoughts, hoping when the time came they could capture, not kill. Plus, Sophie was always less squeamish in battle.
"Whatever!" Sophie countered, already frustrated from the beginning of the day. It was a group training day, a rare day off where everyone's scheduling lined up- or a least most of them- and they all got together. Not only was it nice to see her friends, Sophie got to learn different techniques from all the other body guards. All of them had a different specialty, so they had set up areas where each group could practice different combat skills. So far Sophie had been decent. And that's putting it nicely. She not only failed epically at sneak attacks, she also was awful at hand to hand combat, her sword skills where less then up to par, and she nearly killed all her fake patients from the medical questions. She had gotten a variety of bruises, small cuts, and sore muscles from today, along with a lot of frustration. Even things she was usually good at weren't working for her today. She shook it off mostly, because she knew she had a lot on her mind, but Ro's comments were starting to get under her skin. Sophie turned, and grabbed another knife
"That's how it's done!" Ro yelled, so Sophie turned. Right in the middle of the wooden target was a dagger, almost sunken up to the hilt. "Good job, Dex" that's right. Sophie, Dex, and Biana had gotten paired up to train together
"Yeah, that was amazing!" Biana commented, giving Dex a big hug, which just made him blush.
"Who knew you had such good aim" Sophie said, smiling. At least she didn't have to pretend to be happy for him. While Sophie had been struggling, both of them had excelled. Dex didn't only have amazing aim, but was a great medic. Meanwhile, Biana was excellent at hand to hand combat, made a pretty good doctor, and was outstanding at sneak attacks. She obviously had an advantage because of her ability, but the way she could move so quickly and yet so quietly amazed Sophie.
"You guys are doing amazing today" Sophie smiled
"Aw, thanks Soph! You are, too" Biana said
"That's a lie" Sophie laughed "But, thanks" she threw her arms around Dex and Biana, pulling them into a group hug "you guys are seriously the best"

Authors note (please read!)

Hi! I'm so sorry. I suck. It's been so long. I am AWFUL at updating. But! I have an idea. Just so I can get my writing skills better, and so I can y'knows, not get bored, I wanna do a one shots book thingy. Only, not just one ship. So basically, my idea: at first, on this book, then once I make the other one, on there, you guys give me suggestions/ ask for ship one shots you want. Maybe even give me ideas for the story itself. And not only keeper! While we should still do that, I think other books, tv shows, or movies would be cool too. Like Percy Jackson (not Heros of Olympus yet, I'm not quite done) gravity falls, and whatever you guys what.... if I've read/ watched it. If I haven't, them I'll get some more great reading suggestions, and you'll probably get your idea eventually. I'm thinking the comment with the most replies would get the next chapter. If you have specific ideas that you'd like to have happen, then we can privately dm if I pick your idea. Kinda like my other Fitz x Tam book, just because I don't ship it mean it isn't fun to write. I know this a long, kinda confusing, ramblings authors note, but I hope you get it. Okay, thanks my lovelies! (Please comment on feedback for my idea if you'd like it to happen)

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