Chapter 4

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The party was in full swing. People were enjoying and dancing and I was just getting bored. Josephine never told me that her boyfriend Mark would be there so I was being totally ignored and I didn't want to tag along with the both of them as I hated being the third wheel. The party continued when I suddenly felt the temperature of the surrounding drop low.

I looked around to see what had happened but everything seemed pretty normal. Nobody was looking around with a frown on their face like I was, nobody had a crease on their forehead or some sort of confusion evident on their faces. I felt light goosebumps on my arm and a tingling sensation in the lower region of my stomach. Shrugging and ignoring the feeling, I went back to enjoying my water.

A slow romantic song came on when I just enjoyed the environment as I was definitely neither getting drunk nor was I going to dance with anyone. I just couldn't afford getting wasted. I was like a mother to munchkin now and a drunk mother can't look after her child. Many people asked me for a dance including girls which shocked me to my core but all I could do was politely decline. Some had to be told harshly as they just wouldn't stop budging me.

Watching other people dance so merrily, full of happiness and them laughing made my heart flutter and a small smile melted on my face. The moment was going flawlessly well when I felt as if I was being watched and I would be kidding myself if I said I wasn't freaked out. I was creeped the hell out as that cold feeling was there again and I once more tried to ignore it when I felt some heat on my back.

Turning to look backwards my eyes met directly with the most handsome man that I had ever seen.
He was sitting a bit far away from me, was in a bit of darkness and I couldn't see his face clearly but from what I could see, was all him. Just him. His body screamed power. Sexiness dripped from every part of his skin. I did not know who he was but he seemed pretty presiding.

He had his black hair ruffled which honestly looked hot on him that I wanted to do nothing but move my hands through them, just to get a feel of it. From what I could see when the nearest neon light to him turned on, was that he had a beige skin colour, neat high eyebrows, a sharp nose with big full lips.

He was wearing a white button-down shirt, had a black coat on and some black trousers. His shoes were spotless clean and I must say my room was never that clean as to how much his shoes were. I could see a tattoo peaking from under his left sleeve and I wondered what it could be about. I pondered if he had more tattoos and where.

He was sitting on a sofa with one ankle on top of the other knee and seemed so relaxed, almost as if he owned the place.

He looked so......perfect. Composed. Smart. And above all he looked...handsome?

He changed positions and I peeked up to have a look at his face again when he was already looking at me with a smirk on his face. He had caught me checking him out and never in my life had I felt more shamefaced. My cheeks blushed with embarrassment and I swiveled around turning my back to him. Something caught in my throat and I had to cough to clear my passages and instinctively I closed my legs. How embarrassing could it get more?

The song ended and the DJ played some rock music. I was done for today and was about to get up to inform Josephine how I wanted to head home when the atmosphere shifted again. This was honestly confusing the hell out of me when Mr. Hot brushed his knee against my exposed leg.

I sucked in a deep breath as I felt all the nerve endings within me light up with fire. Electricity coursed through my body with the highest energy and I couldn't help but look at his retreating figure. He directly walked out into the night and I couldn't help but gawk at his figure. Even his walk was handsome for a man. I decided to leave a bit late, just to avoid running into him because I knew ignoring him would be difficult.

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