Chapter 5

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It was a clear Wednesday morning and I decided to pay a visit to the cafe to have a look at her again. She was like a drug for I needed it again and again and I just couldn't stop. Not that I wanted to anyways.

Walking up the grey marble steps I entered the cafe and I have to say, it was beautiful. The atmosphere was cool, not too hot, not too cold. Just. Perfect. The walls were painted a light blue colour. There were round steel grey tables for the seating of the customers. There was an exquisite aroma of freshly baked cookies and the smell of waffles was wafting around the cafe.

Purple flowers were hanging from the roof giving rise to the beauty of the cafe. There were clear glass walls between the lounge and the counter. The only thing I hated were the tiles. Ugh. Disgusting. I could see a few customers at the moment, I guess because it was 1000 hours in the morning. People were usually at work at this time of the day and so was I, but not today.

I kept my black glasses on and my fake mustache and beard on to make sure that she didn't recognize me instantly. I started walking towards the counter when I felt as if a cushion had hit me in the leg.

Looking down, my eyes adjusted to see a young boy on the floor holding his head in his hands. His mother came rushing to me and started apologizing frantically, "Oh I'm so sorry. Johnny just keeps running blindly. JOHNNY! How many times have I told you, you are going to hurt yourself and the people you hit? Now say sorry to the sir. You hit him." The child just kept on crying to a point it was annoying me.

Rolling my eyes, I started to walk away when the mother grabbed my arm. A bit harshly may I add. "I'm so sorry. He bumped into you accidentally. I'm so sorry."

I looked at her hand on my arm, then at her, then back at the hand holding my arm and when she didn't get the catch, I yanked it away angrily and growled, "It's okay and who do you think you are to grab my arm without my permission? Do it next time and I'll cut your arms in half."

I failed to understand why at times I got so angry that easily?

Small things made me so irate and sometimes I couldn't help but lash out. The woman gasped and backed away quickly. Giving her a pointed look, I swiveled around and started walking towards the counter when I stopped dead in my tracks.

There she was.

She was there. My dove was there. My angel was there and she looked as beautiful as ever. She looked stunningly gorgeous even in her simple work attire but for the first time in my life, I felt empty. I have always felt empty but this feeling of emptiness was different. She was looking at me with disgust on her face. Pure loath was openly displayed and she was doing no effort in hiding it. That expression alone killed me.

Taking a deep breath, I chose to ignore it and sauntered over to her. As soon as I reached and opened my mouth, she started to walk away which made me furious. How dare she walked away when I was about to speak to her? No one back at the house or office dared to just to walk away but again, she didn't know me yet.

Enraged I grabbed her elbow, gritting my teeth there and then because I just did what that woman did, but ignoring it, I kept my hold onto her when she turned around. Looking at my hand she arched an eyebrow upwards and spoke in the most deadliest tone I have ever heard anyone speak with me before, "Leave. My. Arm."

"No." I replied as calmly as I could. I decided to play along. It wouldn't kill to have some fun.

She grinded her teeth in anger, "I said. Bloody. Leave. My. Arm. Exactly what you said to that woman behind. Leave it or.... or-"

"Or what?", I interrupted her.

She seemed at a loss for words. Quirking up as if she got an idea she stammered, "I-I'll call the police."

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