Chapter 37

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In no time, Tzuyu immidiately stepped her feet to the mansion's second level. The younger surgeon roamed her eyes around, the place looked the same. Elegant and classy, but dull. Her eyes settled on a specific room, Sana's.

She slowly walked towards the room. It was unlocked which made Tzuyu curious to barge in and look around the older surgeon's room. She pushed the door open as its creak invaded her ears.

The first thing Tzuyu saw was Sana's baby pictures and a ton of documents on her bedside table. She wondered if just like her, Sana was drowning herself to work to forget all the things that troubles her.

Tzuyu sighed, the older surgeon's room was so dark that she decided to tie each curtain and let the light in. Her gut feeling told her that Sana lived all by herself this way when they were apart.

In the dark.

Her finger glided through Sana's things, from her medical books, patients' medical charts to the older surgeon's personal things.

Tzuyu was so inrugued to open a book she saw on Sana's display cabinet. It made her anxious, somehow.

The book was Sana and Tae's  wedding photos. It was a hard bound wedding souvenir in colors white and gold.

Tzuyu happened to push open the glass doors of the cabinet, she was about to reach the object but stopped midway. She shook her head and closed the cabinet once again. She knew she'll just hurt herself so why would she look at it anyway? She can't possibly turn back time, she can't turn it back and be Sana's  groom instead.

It was so silly, but it was something she wished she did years ago.

The younger surgeon timidly smiled and asked herself what the hell was she doing. She knew she's being an asshole and stupid, but what can she do? She has no idea that she can't hold back herself once she saw Sana again.

Tzuyu felt guilty. She felt sorry for Mary, for dragging the American in her mess. It was all her fault. There's no way she can fix this big mess without hurting anyone. Without hurting Sana and Mary.

And it's because of her selfish attitude!

She slipped her hand through her pocket and tapped her phone's screen. The first thing she read was Mary's messages and saw several missed calls from her. The American was very worried of her. She got nearly a hundred calls from Mary, but the latter did not even got an assuring text from her that she's alright.

Tzuyu went through Sana's veranda, she rested her arms on the railings as she dialled Mary's number. She kept calling but the other did not pick up the line. She decided to send a voice message and a text saying sorry and informing her what happened last night. She told the American not to worry about her and take care of herself instead.

She slid back her phone in her pocket and watched the night sky and the sun peeking slowly.

How can she make it less hurting for Mary once she said the truth?

She's scared but she knew she's done being a coward. Because every hour she spends with Sana, she was aware that her heart is falling again, deeper.

Tzuyu doesn't have to ask herself what she truly wants. She already knew.


She was the only one she wants, no doubt.

Tzuyu massaged her temples, it started to throb. The younger stepped her way inside Sana's room, as she kept walking, she saw something familiar on top of the latter's dresser. Tzuyu gulped hard, Sana still kept the necklace she brought for her. She sadly smiled and held the necklace.

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