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"HEY, SO GET THIS" Sam Winchester said, walking over to his brother with a laptop in his hand

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"HEY, SO GET THIS" Sam Winchester said, walking over to his brother with a laptop in his hand. His older brother, Dean Winchester, was sitting at one of the tables in the Bunker library area and quickly exited out of the browser open on his laptop, not wanting his baby brother to see that he was looking at funny cat videos.

"One of Jody's hunter contacts called her saying that he was already wrapped up on a hunt but wanted hunters to know about some unnatural things happening in this small town in California" Sam sat down next to his brother, positioning the laptop for Dean to see.

"Bacon Hills?" Dean misread the title he saw on his brother's laptop, earning a classic bitch-face in response. "Beacon Hills" Sam corrected, rolling his eyes before continuing.

"This town has an obvious history of supernatural occurrences going back decades but it was quiet after the Hale fire in 2005–" Dean interrupted his brother, recognizing the name. "The Hale fire...isn't that why Bobby said he stopped helping the Argents? Because they killed innocent werewolves and humans?" Sam nodded as he also remembered what Bobby has told them after they overheard the older hunter, alive at the time, yelling at a few Argents who had shown up at his house asking for help on a hunt.

"One of their hunters started a fire at the pack home which had a lot of people in it, including children and even humans. The werewolves weren't bad either, they helped a lot of people and protected the humans of the town from evil supernatural creatures, according to Bobby. Only three people are recorded to have survived, one being hospitalized in a catatonic state for over eight years" The records didn't include Cora Hale since nobody knew she had survived, but they were just as unaware as everyone else.

"At the start of last year, deaths recorded as animal attacks started" As Sam started to explain the events that occurred, he shuffled through the online news articles so Dean could see both the headlines of the articles and the pictures, mostly crime scene pictures.

"The first victim was unidentified at first because only the lower half of her body was found. Police searched everywhere in the preserve near where her lower body was found but didn't find anything until..." Sam quickly switched to the police reports that he hacked in, knowing that the news wasn't allowed to publish the sensitive information especially since it had to do with minors.

"Three teenagers, two being the Sheriff's children, found the upper half of the woman's body buried in Derek Hale's yard and she was identified as Laura Hale, his older sister. He was accused of murder but he had an alibi, so he was let go" Dean frowned at that, wondering the same thing Sam did when he first read the reports. "Why were they doing digging around his yard in the first place?" Sam opened up one of the tabs that had a picture of three best friends.

"The boy on the far left is the sheriff's son and the girl on the right is his step-daughter, apparently the boy in the middle is their best friend

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"The boy on the far left is the sheriff's son and the girl on the right is his step-daughter, apparently the boy in the middle is their best friend. According to the Sheriff's police report, he caught his son and daughter hiding in the preserve when they were trying to find the other half of the dead body. Apparently, their friend Scott wasn't caught and somehow found a clue that connected the death to Derek Hale" A lot of the details were mixed and vague so Sam had to piece together what he could.

"There were several other deaths in the same form later on, including a high school bus driver, a high school janitor, and others" Sam handed his brother a paper list of the deaths that were connected originally being assumed as animal attacks.

"There were two witnesses to one of the attacks at a video store, both high school students, Lydia Martin and Jackson Whittemore. Jackson was attacked but survived while Lydia was in her car hit traumatized. And guess who showed up at the crime scene?" Dean already knew it had to be the sheriff's two kids, they seemed to repeatedly appear at crime scenes, especially ones that seemed like they were caused by the supernatural.

"Not too long after that, there was an incident at the high school. Apparently, Lydia and Jackson along with Allison Argent, Scott's girlfriend—" This got Dean's full attention. "—went to the high school because they got a text that said it was from Scott to meet him there. While the report says that Derek Hale kidnapped Scott's boss and kept him in his car while also separately luring the Sheriff's kids and their friend to the high school and chased them around along with the other three. The police station got a call saying that they'd get a prank phone call about stuff happening at the high school so they didn't take their call seriously until Stiles called his dad and they were saved. The school janitor was killed in front of a few of the students but they couldn't find the body. Derek Hale was also missing from the scene" Sam explained, re-reading the police report since no articles could use their names since they were minors.

"Son of a bitch" Dean muttered, both Winchester's were shocked at the information being presented to them. "There's more. It was discovered by the Sheriff that Kate Argent was responsible for the Hale fires and the people who aided in the coverup were the target of the killings. The killer was actually Peter Hale, somehow faking his coma and getting help from his nurse to go out and kill all these people. He killed Kate Argent before he died" Dean whistled in surprise at this.

"I see why this popped up on hunters radar" The elder Winchester assumed this was all, only to be corrected when Sam continued. "Dean, that was just part of the school year" Not many things shocked Dean anymore, but this certainly was continuing to do so.

"A lot of things happened that have little to no explanation. More murders, a fake kidnapping prank gone wrong by the Sheriff's kids and their friend, a hostage situation with those three kids by their classmate, and so much more..." Sam sighed, feeling sympathetic for the teenagers. He knew what it was like to be so young and caught up in so much trouble (specifically, what seems to be supernatural-based trouble). It made Sam want to quit being a hunter, he wouldn't blame those teens if they moved far away from their home town as soon as they graduated.

"Have hunters tried to intervene?" The moose-like Winchester nodded at his brother's question. "Mostly just hunters who are affiliated with the Argents. They also seem to leave not too long after, something driving them out" Both assumed that it was the teenagers, specifically the trio that was usually in the middle of this. They both had the idea that either one of them was supernatural or they knew someone who was, causing them to be protective of the town.

"Well, looks like we're going to California".

And they had no idea what was waiting for them. And the town of Beacon Hills has no idea what was about to happen to their already chaotic town.

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