Chapter 39

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Tzuyu's  POV

I sipped from my own glass, eyes drifting to the cheese factory's door. There I saw a familiar petite body and long peach colored hair. She was tall too, with those killer long legs and smooth creamed skin. The woman resembled Jihyo!

I unwarily followed the woman with my eyes but failed to when I realized there's not much I could see. She was leaving and maybe I just mistakenly thought she was Jihyo. Besides, I missed that cute lady a lot and its sad that I don't get to apologize to them till now.

"Do you know her?" Mary curiously asked me.

My eyes shifts back to her and briefly shook my head "No. Are you done? Can we go?"

Her mouth went agape, but pulled out a tight smile. "You barely ate Tzuyu."

"I'm not hungry." I reasoned out and averted her gaze.

Mary surprised me about two days ago, she came here, in South Korea. For me.

I should be happy. But I'm not.

I don't want to hurt her, yet I did and if I can't tell her the truth as soon as possible she might hate me for good.

"Do we have a problem babe?" She questioned, her eyes filled with uncertainty and fear.

"You're acting cold...It's scaring me..."

I looked in her eyes and for a moment I realized how beautiful she was. Her features made her look very foreign in this land, one look and you'll be drawn by her beauty.

But why don't I feel anything special for her? I can't remember the time when Mary made my heart flutter or if there was a time when she did. I guess you can't really teach your heart and decide who it wants.

"I'm just a bit tired, I'm sorry." I reached her hand above the table and brushed it with mine, assuring her.

"Come on, let's get back to the hotel." I smiled as I stood up from my seat.

Mary simply nodded she responsed and told me she needed to go to the bathroom quickly. Of course i let her, while I settled the payment for what we ate.

I want to be honest with her so bad, but I don't think this is the right time. I kept on thinking twice, because I know that I don't want to see her cry and that's impossible.

I'm the reason of her pain, I will always be.


"Good night Eun-jae!" Jihyo bids goodbye to her niece and kissed the little girl's cheek before she goes back to Sana's car. Her sister, Alice mouthed her thank you, then hugged her tight before she left.

The nurse could see the child waving her hand from their house's doorstep. She chuckled and waved back as she finally climbed the car. Sana was still asleep, not moving a single muscle. Jihyo believed that her friend must be too scared and felt threatened by the American's presence.

"Seolhyun unnie." Jihyo spoke on the other line.

"Wae?" Seolhyun answered, who was in a slumber when the nurse called.

"Did I wake you up?" Jihyo asked.

"Kinda." The other chuckled.

"It's okay, I'm going home too."

"Really? I'll fetch you. Andae, we will fetch you." Jihyo laughed.

Seolhyun was left with questions unanswered in her head as Jihyo dropped the call. She just decided to prepare and grab her stuff once the nurse told her she was outside of the hospital. But then, Seolhyun wondered what Jihyo's agenda was at that hour

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