Part 10

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Manik pov.
I meet my star after 5 year. She doesn't know about my presence. She is complaining Mrs Singhania  about the boy. She real look cute in all expression. I just heard that boy calling him baby. I just want dig his grave here how dare he calling her baby. She is mine only mine. Is she really move on that easily? She doesn't love me anymore. I just want to hug her now tightly. I see when she turn around us. She is shocked & confused but i heard that day boy who is hugged her in farewell. He tell us he our boss. I was least effected coz my focus on my star. Suddenly that idiot boy take his room. I don't know what she is doing in his room. I really want to meet her & tell her i love her till today.

Nandini pov.
I m complaining about my twin bro to my sexy bhabhi. Oh don't take me wrong i call her sexy bhabhi. Then sudden she reminds of new album of abhi co. When i trun around i just shocked to see their presence here. As per abhi i just introduce my self. Than rey said he has some work from me so he take in his room or i must say our room coz almost time i use sleep in his room coz of nightmare only he handle me. I told him & i cry. He made me understood. I decided not to weak from them. I will show them who is real Nandini Singhania. I just hate u Mr Malhotra. Just coz of u i can't to my bubbly engagement. I can't forget what cabir say but i know he is confused just like mukti. So i forgive this two but i can't give them their original place in my heart. They are like less stranger less friend.

Cabir & mukti pov.
I see Mrs Singhania is solving fight btw couple i guess the way the boy call the girl but what i saw is shock coz the girl is none other than nandini. I saw she is also shock to see us than Mrs Singhania introduce us to them & they introduce to us. That mean love/Priya know them, then why can't she tell us. We are finding nandini like crazy people. But i never show her picture or name to love/priya. I think she move on, is she married or engaged. I have to talk to nandini ask forgiveness & ask her is she move on. Is she real move on than i have to make manik understood.

After sometime all gather in living room & there are new face for DE 7. They all hug Elder Khanna, Roy & Sehgal.

Ragini:- So We all (pointing towards neel, Khanna's, Roy's, Sehgal 's) decided to get engaged of Abhi & Avni.

N:- But mom why all of sudden marriage.

Ra:- Bacha i m not saying to do marriage just to engagement as they are relationship from 10 year. They can do marriage when they want we are not forced them. Just do Engagement for our sake.

Abhi:- Badi Ma me & avni are ready for engagement we both are coming to talk to u . I already purpose Avni at NewYork.

Av:- Yes Badi ma i already say yes for marriage whenever are the dates we are ready for this.

Ne:- See Ragini i already see my 3 daughter-in-law's faces right na Maya & Nandini.

Maya & Na:- Yes dad.

Manik (in mind) :- Three daughter-in-law means Mrs Singhania, Nandini & Avni.
No my Nandini can't marry any other than me. I have do something fast. I want clear all my misunderstanding btw us. Yes today night or tomorrow i will talk to her.

N:- Mom who are they u didn't introduce us.

Ra:- Oh i forgot. They are my & neel best friend from India. They recently settle here so i invited them for dinner. Mr Vivek & Mrs Divya Oberoi.
This my first son Siddharth & my daughter Maya. This my second son Abhimanyu. This my third son Reyansh & my daughter Nandini . They are their friends Avni khanna, Meher Murthy, Priya Murthy, Kriya Roy, & Abeer Sehgal.
& children they are one who slove Arjun & Arohi murde case & nandini ur too.

Divya (Div) :- Ragini i know that Arjun & Arohi has one son where is he. Is he still in hospital.

Ra:- No no Divya he is here. Abhimanyu Arjun Singhania. But i consider him as my own son.

Div:- Thats good.

Then one handsome boy come from entrance.
As nandini saw him run to him & hug him.
All are shocked of this behavior of nandini.

Boy:- Doll stop crying.

N:- Started hitting him. Idiot where r u from these much year? U know before leaving india i search u & contact u but u didn't response my u r so bad. I hate u.

Boy:- But Doll i love u. Sorry yr but i just left without informing u but my mom dad need me at that time. I will tell u everything afterwards cos i m shifted Permanently here. I miss u so much & i love u so much doll don't cry na i hate ur tears.

N:- Sorry i won't cry. I miss u too & i love u too.

Fab 5 & Divik (Divya & Vivek) are shocked.

M:- Nandini love someone no no that's not happening i have to talk her. Yes i can't loose her. If she is not in my life then i will be die. I know her love is not weak that she easily move on like this.
(In mind)

So sorry for late update.
I will regular from tomorrow.
I know this update is small.
Is nandini really love that boy?
Is manik is going heartbroken?
Who's thats boy?

Happy Rakshabandhan to all.

See you.
Take care.

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