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Raynas POV

           Now in my human form I jumped up, backing into a tree.  

"What  the hell is going on."

I'm a wolf, why am I wolf , why do I have paws , a tail ??? Humans don't have fucking tails. 

" Well I mean, technically they do , it's just not long enough to be seen from the outside" 

chi says matter of factly . I growled At her , fuck STOP DOING THAT. I yelled internally . 

" Well if you're done ...My name is scarlet. I'm your wolf spirit . "

I'm sorry my wolf who??? . This can't be happening, this can't be happening.  " I'm a human." Was all I could choke out as I subconsciously went back to 'normal'

" Ray I thought you gave up on  being normal when a mark etched it's way onto your body in your kitchenchi says and I can't help but thinking can i fight my own spirit?

 "Sure But You'll lose" she retorts and I can HEAR the smirk in her tone. Am I going crazy ? I must've been in that house for too long. . "Scarlet you said .... Explain " . 

"Ive already explained , im your wol-. "

Thats just it ! Who am I ? Im a human right ? Im not supposed to have A 'wolf ' first of all wolves are carnivores and news flash IM A WALKING SACK OF MEAT ." I yelled out frustratingly rubbing my hands on my face 

Does that Mean Im like Alois and the others?

"Pssttttt Scar I think shes finally lost it "  Chí says making me groan and Scar sigh. 

" Listen Rayna ... I understand this is a lot for you to take in and I promise me and Chíoni will help ypu through it and answer any question you have . " she says in an assuring voice. " Okay... Who am I?" 

 I asked, there has to be more to this does this just happen to everyone ? Theres no way. 

" Excepttt for that one" Chí responds making me want to beat my head into a wall, someone kill me before I kill her . 

" I hate to say it but Chíoni is correct. We actually cannot tell you your true identity , its something you must find out on your own. It will be through trial and error but we will lead you in the right direction. " Scarlet says in an empathetic tone 

" Fine whatever , then what about you ? what new magic trick can I do now " I say looking up towards the sky being greeted by the head of tall trees .

  " What do you mean?" Scar asks . 

" Well when chí came I got the ability to control snow , Im not sure why but a few minutes ago before I ran from Alois I could see colors in the room and I couldn't do that before so Im assuming its something I've gained from this mark. " I start pointing to the strange symbol on my inner thigh.

"I was wondering what new things going to happen to me now that you're also here ." 

Its getting dark out I should probably go inside soon I think to myself . But what do I say when he asks me why I ran ?

  " Yeah sorry I was witnessing you murder someone and just incase you got caught and the cops questioned me using a lie detector I wanted to make sure I would pass "  

Chí laughed at my though and I groaned internally, cant I just sleep outside ? " Rayna give me control for A moment." Scarlet says and I comply , It should be fine. 

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