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Drunk I'm drunk I'm drunk drunk. No, I'm dreaming. No drunk.

And trespassing, but whatever.

I can't very well ring the doorbell since it's like midnight, but looking at the escape ladder makes me want to hurl.

"Evie!" I whisper-shout. Nothing.

Clinging for my life I scale the rungs at a snails pace. Let me tell you, I would force feed Evie an apology if it meant I could see Audrey Rose again.

Laying flat on the roof I catch my breath and moan. The window never seemed so far away before. Camille-style, I step in and tumble to the ground, groaning.

"Knock knock." I whisper. "Little Nap Queen? Donde estoymosomething"

"Liam! What?"



"Evie, I—I can't see the baby anymore."

I sniffle a bit and let my walls down. I'll blame it on the intoxication.

"Audrey Rose? Take your shoes off if your staying, animal."

"Ash, I lost control, no baby." I mumble. "I'm miserable because I broke up with my girlfriend. She was the most breathtaking girl, I loved her you know. Then she almost died on my watch. I was scared so I ran can you believe that? Oh wait! You're my ex, oops."

"You're drunk."

"Not me."

"Bathroom, now. This doesn't mean I forgive you, asshole."


I sit on the counter and lean my head back on the wall. It hurts. My lip is split from the way the guy hit me tonight, a whole week after the last one that ended in my banishment from the Klein residence.

"What happened?"


"Of course."

I hiss when she presses a swab to my stinging lip. "Ow."

She runs a finger over my bottom lip to rub in the antibiotic stuff. Nothing sobers me better than sexual tension.

Evie forces an aspirin down my throat and sighs. "Do I want to know what brought you to my window at midnight."

"Does there need to be any other reason but you?"

"If you want me to believe it." She raises a brow.

"My jacket."

"Oh." Her face falls slightly, my heart clenches.

I can't stop myself as quiet tears wet my cheeks. I miss her, and Audrey Rose, and my mom.

"Can I just, lay with you for a little bit. I just want things to go back to how they were." I say softly.

She nods, and lets me do just that. She pulls the duvet back and watches me pull my shirt off after eyeing her for permission.

"This doesn't mean I forgive you." I repeat her earlier words.

"I can call a truce for a few hours."

I crawl in beside her and she maneuvers me into her arms. It's like a breath of fresh air to be in her arms again. The ultimate safe space to be me. She's a liar, but per our truce, for now she's just Evie.

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