Chapter Sixteen

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She'd had broken sleep ever since the accident only getting a couple of hours here and there. The other hours she spent laying in bed pondering the possible outcomes that could have happened on that icy night. It was coming up to a week and the recollection of exactly what happened that evening was still a blur. She remembered hopping onto the back of Jamie's bike and wrapping her arms around his torso to keep her steady and she remembered speeding up the dirt track and glancing back as Brett's person became smaller and smaller in the distance. But that was it. After turning out of the farm grounds and into the stretch of road leading into the town, that's where her memory halted and she put it down to the severe concussion she'd sustained as to why her memory was so hazy. But she wanted to remember and laid there each time she couldn't sleep trying to remember even the smallest of details.

Yet the lack of memory about that night sparked more motivation and inspiration than she'd had all year and she found her rest time spent best in her studio stringing lyrics together and creating a new melody. The headphones that sat over her ears blocked out the sounds from the outside world and left Leigh in a place of her own with only her music. It was mid morning and she'd been in the studio for a few hours already and it was only when her stomach growled that she realised the extent of her isolation. She made her way out of the studio and towards the kitchen for breakfast. As she reached for the fridge a new note that hadn't been there the night before caught her eye.


I agreed to help Maggie out today at the farm shop. I'll be home at 5.


Her friend had been taking on the role of a Donne farm shop employee for the past two weeks and even though the temperature plummeted as the month turned into December Ali insisted on still covering the shifts. She didn't know the Donne family well- or at all really but from the kindness of her heart she took on a responsibility that in no way fell to her hands. If there were any doubts in Leigh's mind that Ali wasn't who she said she was they were all erased as she took care of others needs before her own. They had been roommates for almost two months and the strong bond in which they had created was one of sisterhood. There were often times throughout her days stuck in the apartment that she thought back to the first moment she'd met Ali and how she was the first true friend she'd ever had.

Leigh quickly sent over a text to Ali thanking her for taking yet another one of her shifts and told her she'd treat her to a pizza tonight as a sign of her appreciation. She took her bowl of cereal back to her studio and sat at the piano with one hand spooning cheerios into her mouth and the other playing a faint melody that had been stuck in her head for days just waiting to be paired with lyrics. When her fingers pressed down on a single note towards the end of the song it was as if her memory flooded back into her mind like a virus that she couldn't shake. A clear image of the road formed in her mind and her jaw stopped chewing as her whole attention was focused on the memories she'd been trying to regain since she woke up from her unconscious sleep in the hospital. She could vividly see the back of Jamie's black helmet in her mind and her inner balance could feel the way the bike swayed as they hit the patch f ice on the road. The pain in her arm was a reminder of the force that she hit the ground with her feet still hooked over the bike and her arms still wrapped around Jamie's waist. He'd turned to face her as they slid across the road and when their eyes locked there was evident fear behind his. She could see his faint expression behind the tinted visor that covered his face and there was blood dripping from his brow as everything played in slow motion in her mind.

He'd wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer to his chest, she didn't want to lose his gaze but sure enough she did and the next thing she saw was blackness as her body erupted in pain when they hit something hard, presumably a tree by the side of the road. Jamie's arms were still wrapped around her even through his excruciating screams of pain. The warm blood that soaked through her thick coat made her feel woozy but the oncoming concussion made it difficult for her to move and the next thing she heard before she blacked out was the promise that everything would be okay from a paramedic who gave her a warming smile.

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