2. Meeting with dad

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Its been some time that we came back from shopping

Now we were in living room having snacks .Jenna was still feeling bad for her earlier outburst .

" I'm really sorry Amy for earlier , its just I thought he was shopping for me with you, cause he forgot about it earlier .... that's why I was angry , he knows you know me better than anyone else "she explained

I'm sure she would have kicked Ethan's ass if I didn't have stepped in their argument

" I agree with that ! Since you are my bestie from childhood ...but I really don't know what's he proposed you , you were my bestie from childhood and are like my sister to me and my stupid brother was supposed to see you as his sister but he seems to have some loose screws !! "

Ethan gives me a confused yet shocked look while Jenna seems to be sad

" Ain't you happy with our relationship , don't you like me as his girlfriend"

Uh ah

" It is not that , I love you as my own sister from beginning and if I wouldn't . I won't agree to your engagement and now stop addressing yourself as his girlfriend ,you are not his girlfriend anymore!!...you are his fiancee ...it's been two months that you two been engaged " I corrected her

And in return she blushes

Ethan nudges my arm " stop teasing my fiancee !! "

I give him a glare
" She is my bestie ! And I will say her anything ...besides she always tells me everything about you ...and also gonna tell me about your today's date "

Ethan's mouth falls open

We both laugh at his reaction

-- -- --

Later in the evening , they both left to enjoy their own private

So I enjoyed movie with popcorn in my room

I enjoyed that movie and later I have my dinner with mom and dad

" Are you enjoying your new post in office ?? " Dad questions me

Yes ! I got a promotion last week in my dad's company
Where I started as an ordinary employ just because dad wanted me to join and I chose to be an ordinary employ as I don't want to use my surname in my career

" Yea! " I answer him

" How is it all going?? Are you enjoying it ?? " Mom questions .
She has always been interested in my choices

" Its good ! " I tried to sound much appealing

After dinner ,I wish them night and head to my room

And in minutes I was on my baby drifting to a deep slumber

__ __ __ __

Next day , In office

It was almost lunch time
But I was too busy to even breathe

We have launched two new products last week .One energy drink from food department and one smart watch from gadget department.

Its been hell of a week , so tiring !

And still I have so much work left to finish within today .

God ! Please help me !!

Have some mercy on me !

And the intercom rang , I press the button and Claire's sweet voice echoed in my cabin .

" Miss Davis your your father wants to meet you in meeting room, he is expecting you to be there in 10 " she explains

What ?! Dad wants to meet me !

What is it ?? He never calls me to meet him in office timings ! Well apparently According to him it's unprofessional but Ethan and me never follow this rule , he crashes in my cabin anytime

I wonder what happened so dad has call me , it still have twenty minutes in lunch time

" okay ! I'll be there ,and claire ..how many times do I have to remind you not to call me so formally, you make me sound like an oldie in her fifties (I giggled) ...so call me Amelia " I answer her getting irritated from that boring title.

" Will take care from next time Amelia !" She answers and I can figure out a small smile on her lips

I leave my cabin and head towards meeting room

As I reached there I saw a very nervous Ethan in the corridor outside meeting room
He was pacing to and fro in front of the meeting door

What's up with him now ?!

" Everything 's fine bro ?! " I ask him concerned at her situation

He muttered a"yes " but shakes his head in no

What does that even mean ?

I frown
Something is definitely wrong

What got him so nervous !!

I move towards him while he questions me

" Why are you here ? "

" Dad called me to meet him in 10 ,so "I answered

" So he called you too ?! "

" Yeah ! But what's wrong ? Why are so nervous ?! " I ask him

" He never calls me to meet him personally in working hours , you know his rules and it's me who always go to him for any problem and whenever he wanna talk about any project , he tells me beforehand ....unless " he trails off .

From his tone I can say that he is freaking out and it's really a serious situation or else he won't be like this . He is making me nervous now

" Unless?? " I pressed to know more about the situation

" Unless he is angry due to any mistake and the moment I step in he will shout at me for letting that mistake happen " he explains and makes me nervous also

" So what have you done ?! " I ask him

" I do not remember any mistake , besides you are also here ...so maybe you have done somethi" I didn't let him finish as i cut him off

" I haven't done anything wrong besides both of our new product are doing good in market " I answer him confidently

I am sure I haven't done anything wrong

"So I think we should go in now!" I said to him , hoping that he would make a move but he seems to be glued to the floor

" You go first ! I'll follow you " he answers

I frown " you were here first ,so you should go first "

He shooks his head
" No ! Ladies first ! "


So he do remember this manners

Well then,two can play a game,I smirked mentally
" You are elder than me , so how can I disrespect you ...you should enter first " I answer him
If he can play this manners card so can I

He raises his eyebrow as if saying ' seriously '

I give him a cheeky smile at that

He sighs " the moment I  enter , he will shout at me for letting that small mistake happen "

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

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