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Snow flurries drift outside my window and I can't make anything in the neighborhood out. With everything drowning in white it all looks the same.

My breath fogs up the window when I sigh and turn away.

School? Cancelled.

Lacrosse season? Postponed.

Power? Out.

Mia? In.

In where? I'll tell you where, in Brandon's conveniently candlelit room. The three of us stuck here all alone and they're baking cookies behind closed doors. And I'm left to rot.

The cell towers are down along with, did I mention? The power. The last I heard from mom she was being put up at the hotel across from her office. Her commute is too far to drive through the blizzard.

Just before the storm warnings came in the other night, Ollie and Sam wasted no time scurrying away and no one else came in the first place.

Brandon thought it would be dangerous for Mia to drive over the bridge when it was snowy and dark so she stayed. And like a fool I agreed.

Hopping off the window seat I stomp to down the hall and raise my fist to Brandon's door. A faint buzzing sounds within and I groan. How stupid do they think I am?

"Brandon Joseph Walker!" I bang, "Open this door!"

A loud thump and a squeak follow.

"E! Hi, hey, what?" My brothers eyeball pokes through a slit in the door. I have half a mind to jab it.

"I said open the door," I hiss.

Nervously he does, glancing behind himself before stepping into the hall with me. Wise choice.

"You two have been in this room for 48 hours! Let her breath! Eat something, have some water!" I complain.


"Or better yet, come out of your room and keep me company!"

"You are seriously cockblocking me right now."

"Consider it payback for winter break! Tell Mia to come to my room , she and I have a long overdue chat."

I grump back to my room and huff. I don't know why I'm so moody, honestly. Maybe I'm sick of being cooped up while my best friend literally. . . bleh. . . uses her skills on my brother.

I promised myself I'd take my life back, and I've been spending too much time on Pinterest. . . but either way, I have some soul searching to do.

What better time then during the worst blizzard Somerset has ever seen?


"I'm going! Leave me be." I yank my gloves on and growl at Sean.

This bloody fucking storm will not keep me from celebrating six years with my best friend. Me and the candles under my trench coat are going next door.

"Lauren, come on. Dad, stop her. This is ridiculous." Sean crosses his arms and scowls.

"Suck my dick, Sean. I'm eighteen you can't boss me anymore." I mutter.

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