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Tylil Reed Moore🏙Harlem, New York

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Tylil Reed Moore🏙
Harlem, New York.

"wish these niggas stop posting cash app flips." I shook my head pressing on snaps

Siah walked into my room sitting on the edge of the end finishing the clip

"shit don't make no sense, how I send you $30 dollars and you give me $300 back." he joined in

"that's a fact!" I laughed fixing my hat

"boy why do you still have that hat on in my house?" my moms asked standing near the door

I shrugged my shoulders leaning on the pillow

"how's your mom Siah?"

"she's getting better I been over there helping out."

"okay good I'm going there later, you could catch a ride with me if you want to."

he thought about it for a minute and then shook his head staying silent

"okay, y'all I'm leaving don't fuck up my house."

my mind wandered back to last night and thought about the girl...

I forgot her name something like, Demon ion know

"bro why you look like that?"

"that girl— from last night what's ha' name?" I said still thinking

"how the fuck I'm supposed to know." he straight-faced me

"bitch ass nigga."

I kicked him off the bed getting off as well, we put our shoes on going to the kitchen

"let's go nigga."

I got off behind him as the elevator went to the 13th floor, all my life I lived in this building and I only been up here a couple of times

Siah leaned on the wall putting his hoodie up staring at me

nigga always in his bag

I went to the first door earning no answer so I banged again kicking the door twice

an old lady opened the door letting her dog get out the house

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