and she is my reality

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Author's Note
Hey guys! Thank you so much for coming this far,reading my story. I'm real sorry for making it super late to update each and every chapter,this quarantine thing has my blood always boiled you know. Hope you all will like this chapter,please do leave a vote and comment down how you liked it and please buckle up the seatbelts because this chapter is going to have a lot of texting conversations because Eran and Rose's lovestory had totally began from texting and that's how their saga was formed. Please have patience 🥺

Eran's POV
I wandered across the room,biting my nails and looking towards my phone every passing second. I did find out Rose on messenger but was way too afraid to talk to her. The last time I tried to pull off something cool,that instantly backfired so badly that she probably despises me by now.

"Okay I found her out on messenger,should I go ahead?" I typed the text in mine and Jessica's conversation. Hey wait,why am I thinking so much! Why do I care! I don't know why on earth am I thinking so much in writing a simple text to a simple random girl?! That's simply not me! That's not my behavior at all! No let's just skip talking to her! I don't care! Let it be!

Ughhhh what if she goes to someone else

Okay! You can do this! It's easy! Oh my God! I'm about to text her,ughhh!! What if we again end up fighting? What if she doesn't like my way of talking?

Okay! Shut the fuck up

Eran: "Hiii Rose"
Rose: "Heyy Eran!!"

Okay,she seems excited

Eran: "I thought you would never like to speak to me again"
Rose: "No,there's nothing like that"
Eran: "Thank God"
Rose: "so what are you doing?"
Eran: "Was waiting for you to calm down I guess?"

Oh God,that was so lame! What is she going to think of me?!

Rose: "I was never mad at you,I was just kind of stunned seeing such a way of knocking some stranger you know?"

Stranger?!?! But you are mine?! Oh I get it! The poor thing isn't able to realise the truth,I understand. It happens. What should I ask her now? She makes me feel so nervous,my stomach is literally doing a multiple flips.

Eran: "Okay,I think I should ask you about your health! How are you doing?"

Is there any spelling mistakes in my text,ummm, neh seems fine

Rose's POV
"Okay,I think I should ask you about your health! How are you doing?" The text read from Eran. My eyebrows raised up towards the Mount Everest out of confusion as I shot my gaze towards Veronica. "How does he know about my condition?! Daisy told him! Oh my god! I have lost him! I bet I have! He probably now thinks that I'm such an attention seeker" I told Veronica who was staring towards our conversation,with double the interest I have.

"He's just normally asking you girl!!!! Calm down,and Daisy doesn't know about your condition" replied Veronica. "Point" I replied to her.

Rose: "Why do you suddenly wanna know that?"

"Are you kidding me Rose?! He doesn't require your permission to ask questions and that's totally the normal est possible question ever for your kind information!"yelled Veronica. "You know what,these things aren't my cup of tea,I'll just take a shower and.." "Fine then don't start crying when you see him being someone else's" "Give the phone" I said.

Eran: "Because that's what crossed my head at the moment?"
Rose: "Lmao,I'm good. Thanks for asking"
Eran: "Where are you from?"

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